mandag 14. desember 2009



Got back from Vierli on sunday, we had a great trip. The park was really fun and is probably the best park in Norway right now this early in the year. This was also my first time Jumping since my injury so it was good to see that I haden´t lost all of my tricks, actually did some tricks I´ve never done before. Enjoy

PK-Steffen-Vierli from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

torsdag 10. desember 2009

Colby West everybody!

Like I said before, I´ts been a long time since I had my camera. So when I went thru some old clips I came across this and thought I had to share this with you guys. This is Colby displaying an amaziiing singin voice.

Untitled from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Im currently in Norway...... somewhere. The only thing I know is that the place is called Vierli. There´s basicly nothing here exept a small ski resort. That´s not a bad thing though. This is probably the best option for skiing we have in Norway this early in the year and the owner is super cool. Makes us whatever we want and really apreciate our input on things. started a edit tonight, it will be out shortly after the weekend

onsdag 9. desember 2009

Off to Vierli!!

Hafjell vol 2 from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.


Me and Steffen shot a couple of runs in hafjell the other day. nothing special. It tend to become more bull shit then skiing in me and steffen´s edit´s. Sorry for you english speaking people, but I guess it´s not my fault that you can´t speak norwegian.
Tomorrow myself and Steffen is making the trip to Vierli ski resort. They had the Artic Challenge qualifyers there earlier this year and it looked great. I have done my little warm up in Hafjell these last couple of weeks so now im ready for some real skiing.

I got my charger for my camera and my wide angel lense back so look out for a edit from Vierli pretty soon. Oh yeah, we´re picking up Jonny in Oslo as well. sounds like a great weekend.


søndag 6. desember 2009


Here´s the edit Jonny made from our two days messing around at the Heming Gymnasium. Enjoy!

animal from Air Force on Vimeo.

Me, Jonny Aaseth and Aleksander Aurdal

torsdag 3. desember 2009

19 is no age for braces

Since sunday I've been really sick, but today I fellt good and got my 2nd day on skiis. It was frustrating to get back on my skis and then have to take another break. I was looking forward to the second day cause after my first day my neck got a little sore, so I was woundering if it was something wrong back there or just a muscle that haven't been to work for a while. Im happy now, lying in my bed The neck feels great. Skiing again tomorrow, new day new opportunities. Im taking it slow, day by day, but I can feel im getting back into it.

I was walking down the streets of Lillehammer today and suddenly I ran into a friend of mine that reminded me why I don't do streetrails anymore. This is Kim Boberg with croocked teeth and braces. He tried to do a wooden dub kink with the flat removed, I don't know exactly how that went but it's not that hard to pitchure. It's not nice to laugh but it's really hard to not:) seriosly though, I feel really bad for my dear Kim. He looked like shit!!!!


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søndag 29. november 2009


macarena from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Me and my buddy Jonny went for some gynastics last week. Pretty sonn You´ll see a edit from that. Here´s a taste!!

First day of skiing

Yesterday I had my first day on skis since my injury, it's been a long time but I guess skiing is like riding a bike. You never forget. I took it very slow And easy though, did some straight airs on the tiny jump And I did some railslides. I mostly focused on enjoying the fresh air and my sharp edges cutting the snow for some nice turns. My neck fellt good but I feel today that there's some muscles back there that need som work. Now im sick again so I did'nt get to ski today, im going to the doctor tomorrow to try to figure out what's wrong with me.


fredag 27. november 2009

King Of Style

yeah yeah! I know I wasen´t the best gossip boy. It became really hard when my Iphone 3G didn´t want to connect with the internet over there. But I can write about my weekend.

I started the weekend by going to Henrik Windstedt´s premiere of his movie ´Éxploded view´´ The movie is about Henrik´s season as he travels the world competeing and shooting. It was cool to see how he looks at things and how he´s mind works before, during and after competitions. That´s a side of a skier you rarely see. Another highlight from the movie was, (can´t remember his name) a french snowboarder that Henrik skis with trying to make his way down a face on his board. When the whole face and with that I mean the ENTIRE face breaks making the biggest avalanch I´ve ever seen. You can see Henrik in chock. I remember me thinking: That have to be the worst experience ever to witness a friend die right infront of you. They find him like 1-2 KM down the valley amazingly without serious injuries. that just blew my mind. Check it out!!!!

Nice rail set up for the kids to play.

Andreas won! I have to say I usually don´t take that much joy watching other people win, but this time was different. I got such a good feeling when Andreas got crowned The King Of Style!!! Norway representin´. have to give some props to Phil Casabon as well, He´s switch ten is the sickest switch ten I´ve ever seen.
The afterparty was GREAT, unfortunatly I can´t say anything about that out of respect for my buddy´s ;)

Tomorrow´s a big day, my first day on skis in 7 months and 24 days.
Im stooooked, starting easy though, im just gonna do some carving. maybe a railslide or two!

Good Night!

onsdag 18. november 2009


I can see that the two big questions everybody´s woundering is when im back on my skis so im gonna write down my schedule for the next month.
First I want to say that my neck feels really good, and I feel ready to get back on my skis. After 15 hours in the gym doing gymnastics I can´t see that im not ready. I had some pretty bad necktwisting falls and I didn´t feel anything. In my book that´s a sign that im good to go.

Im going to Stockholm for the Winterjam on Friday, im not skiing though. I might be ready to ski but im not ready to walk narrow stairs 50 meters up, strap on my skis, drop in on the 1 meter wide inrun and hit a incity jump. Im just going to hang out and meet my buddy´s that I haven´t seen for 8 months. Im really looking forward to that and Stockholm is a really cool town so I bet it will be sick as every year.
Next week I think I´ll go home and strap my skis on, do some carves and just get the feel of the snow and everything. After that I´ll go vistit my man Andreas Håtveit, see how married life is working out for him, he´s also building a jump as we speak so im hoping that will be the place I can get the feel and my tricks back. As far as my first contest goes Im really not sure, I just have to see how terrible my skiing is, maybe I´ll go to the first Dew tour stop in Breck maybe not. I don´t see the point of traveling that far for a contest you don´t feel ready for. We´ll see.

As I said Im going to stchlm on friday. I just finished watching Gossip Girl season 2. I´ll be walking around the arena in Stockholm figuring out who´s hot and who´s not, and what´s going on in the VIP lounge and all that, I´ll be your little Gossip Boy for the weekend;) so be sure to check back in.


søndag 15. november 2009

Neck Test!

This weekend was good, fun and really Hard. Im currently lying in my bed at my apartment in Oslo. My entire body is so sore you have no idea. I can barely walk, barely bend over, actually every movement I do with my body hurts. I guess that´s what you get from spending the last 7 months on the couch and then jumping in again pretending like your on the top of your game! Either way it was a really informative weekend about my neck. This weekend was the first National gathering ever, we spent our time doing gymnastics, The first day the only thing on my agenda was just to maybe try a backflip or two on the trampoline. I did a couple of them and my neck felt perfect so I couldn´t help my self. I haven´t been upside down in 7 months and with all my buildt up energy, before I knew what was going on I had been jumping around doing flips and dub flips on the trampoline and the tumbling for 5 hours. I got a little worried after the work out, cause my neck got really sore and it kinda hurt to look up and things like that. The day after, day 2. I found out that I wasen´t the only one who had some neckproblems, and after a 40 min warm up my neck was good to go again. The gymnastics we did this weekend felt like it´s harder on your neck than skiing so I guess with a bit more training on my neck I think im good to ski again, and I have to say Im looking forward to it !!!!

Foto: Andreas Storm Fausko

Here´s a photo from when I was running over the tumbling and I hear: PK! POSE. My modelinstinct took over and we got a pretty cool bluesteel/edward cullen/twilight kinda shot:) More photo´s and video is comming my way so I´ll be sure to update that as soon as I can!


fredag 13. november 2009

Living in Oslo


The season is closing in, snow starts fallin, Cold weather And a bunch of pre season railedits confirms that. And that is the reason why im living in Oslo, Red Bull hooked me up with an apartment for November so I could do the finishing touches with my neck at Olympiatoppen. That's the best training facilities And where all of the national teams work out before the season. Of course, when I was really set on working hard and be searious for a while I get Sick, I think maybe I caught some of that infamous svineflu. I had it for 5 days And im feeling better today so I'll be ok.

More news: my old NTG coach, Pål gulliksen has developed a national twin tip team. That's great news, always good to have someone behind your back and maybe the norwegian population will take our sport more seriously.

Luckely for me my buddy Jonny got sick when I got sick. So we been playing FIFA 10 all day everyday!!

If I make it to the national team gathering tomorrow I'll shoot some pics and show you how it works.


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onsdag 4. november 2009

Good Morning Norway

Hey guys!

Im currently sitting in the waiting room at TV 2 about to go on a talk show called Good Morning Norway. The time is 6.50 am so it truely is Morning, I don't know if it's good though. A little to early forme to call it a good morning.

Filip in make up!!

Good morning to you all, peace

mandag 5. oktober 2009

Movie tour!

Hey guys!

I've been in Oslo this whole week doing some different stuff. I went to Olympiatoppen on monday and thursday. The doctor that looked at my neck was really surprised how good my neck was looking, so i guess that's good. I met some of the
snowboarders on the norwegian snowboard team (Roger Kleivdal, Tore Holvik And Torstein horgmo). I joined those guys in the gymnastic room, off course I was just watching cause I can't jump on a trampoline or anything like that yet. I left during their warm up, so did'nt get to see what they were working on. It was really hard to just watch people having fun jumping in foam pits And what not, so I had to leave.

Tore Holvik warming up with a dub front.

On friday I had a Photoshoot with Frode Sandbech for the cover of the next issue of Fri Flyt.
Saturday was the Fri Flyt awards and the premiere for the MSP movie witch was siiick, you should check that movie out. Now Im in Stavanger following the premiere tour for a little while, Bergen tomorrow.


onsdag 30. september 2009

Birthday boy!

Tonight we went out to celebrate my buddy (Jonny) 24th birthday! His girlfriend had planed a nice dinner with just the two of them, what he didn´t know was that we would all be waiting for him at the table. He was really surprised when he walked in to a corner with all his friends:)

I actually bought these a couple of days ago. jep, those are shoes with wheels. I know that´s a really childish thing to have, but I always wanted to get some. Notice the barbwire on the soul, that´s pretty hardcore!!! Jonny was really stoked when I got them so I figured why not buy some for him to. So if you see two guys on heelys at the airport it´s probably us!


mandag 21. september 2009

Weekend in Oslo

Hey guys!

Got back from a weekend in Oslo late last night. Saturday was the premiere for Eyes Wide Open, I'll give you a post about that night as soon as I get some pics. In the meanwhile I'll tell you what I did yesterday! I was a judge in a freestyle soccer battle hosted by Red Bull. I was one of the three judges, the two others were pro and I don't really know much about freestyle soccer, at first I was a little worried that I would judge it wrong, it's always best if the best guy wins. so I was judging who put on the best show and my vote did'nt really matter. I think it was only one time I did'nt vote for the same guy as the other judges so it went really well.
It was a cool experience, I've played soccer all my life and I watched a lot of movies on youtube of this stuff so I wasen't clueless I just don't know the technical difficulties of the different tricks.

Here's one of the judges warming up the crowd before the show started.

onsdag 16. september 2009

Active man right here

Ok, I woke up pretty late. After I got up I got in the car and drove to "mjøsen GC". It's a golf course 30 minutes from my house. After 18 holes I was on my way home to get something to eat before my work out, when my work out buddy called me and said he couldn't make it. Since we worked out yesterday I decided to ditch the weights, so I went for another 9 holes at "Hafjell GC" (golfcourse 300 meters from my house). 27 holes is like 15 Km (9.3 miles). With all the zig zaging I have to to do since I can't hit the ball straight it's probably more like 20 km (12.4 miles). With a 15 kg (33 lb) bag on your back it's harder than it sounds. After walking around for like 6 hours I was looking forward to come home and relax, then I got a text from a buddy of mine who wanted to kick my ass in Bowling. I was pretty tired, But I just can't turn down a challenge like that. What he forgot to tell me was that he's really not that good. Here's the result.

As you can see it wasen't that challenging. Tomorrow I have a CT scan at 9 o'clock. Friday Im linking up with fellow skiers Anders Backe and Christopher Frankum for a golf challenge hosted by Fri Flyt, saturday is the premiere for Eyes Wide Open and sunday im going to be a judge of a freestyle soccer competition hosted by Red Bull. Should be a fun weekend.

Good Night!

fredag 11. september 2009

UFO ramping!

I drove home from Rødde last night, I figured that would be better than wasting half of a Friday driving. Now Im sitting in my bed and been doing that the whole day cause both of the cars are gone so I can´t do anything.
The trip was good and fun, there´s a lot of talent up there. I saw a lot of dubs, dub misty 14 (not on purpose), kangeroo japan to mute and a bunch of other stuff. One thing really stood out! this one guy dropped in on a....we call it a UFO, don´t know the word for it in English, You can see it on the pic above. yeah, he dropped in from the top gained a lot of speed and threw himself into a slightly over rotated Backflip. 5 minutes later he was on top again, dropped in, went off the jump and did a perfect double back. we were discussing if anyone has done a double back on a UFO before, no one there knew for sure. So until I see a video of it Im claiming to have witnessed the first UFO double back. He said he wanted to go for a trippel when they go back next week. Here´s my iphone clip of it.

I can see now that you can't really see anything in that clip. Looked a lot better on my phone. It was sick!!

All And all it was a good trip. I want to thank everyone at Rødde for letting me come And hang out!!


tirsdag 8. september 2009

Water ramping!

Today we got up at 6.45 AM. That was a problem for me since im used to...... Well, let's just say that after my neck injury I gotten used to sleeping in.
We ate some breakfast and then got in the car, drove to the water ramp set up. The boys and here is really stoked, it did'nt take them longer than 10 minutes after we got here untill I heard the first splash, then followed with a weird sound that reminded me of a wounded animal. I turned around and saw a guy lying flat on his back trying desperately to get some air down his lungs. I've had the Wind knocked out of me a couple of times so I know that it is really uncomfortable but usually pretty harmless. Sooo, I laughed my ass off;) I know it's not a nice thing to do but that's what you get when you try a rodeo 7 on your first ever water ramp jump, when we pointed out a million times before that it's very different than riding on snow so you should just take it easy and get used to it before you go crazy!!

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mandag 7. september 2009

Rødde Folkehøyskole

Hey guys!

Im currently located at Rødde Folkehøyskole (freestyle skiing academy).
Like last year Im here for a water ramping trip they do every year.

This is the head coach Eimund! I known Eimund for a while now, he was there when I did my first competition here in Norway and actually stood beside (below) me on one of my first podiums ever.

When I got here this evening Eimund had to go to a meeting so I figured I would go for a walk and check out what´s going on around here. I found a gym so I worked out for an hour.

After my work out I continued my little walk and found some pretty cool stuff like this stair set-up. it looks pretty sick.

A summer set-up on a rainbow!

a little rollarcoaster box.

They also had a minramp, a mountain bike drop and some other cool rails.
I have to get off the computer now. I´ve been pending between this blog update and facebook for two hours and it´s 4 and a half hour until I have to get up and go to the water ramps.

Good Night!

fredag 4. september 2009

Warm up

Im over at my sisters place playing Tiger Woods on Nintendo Wii. Im actually warming up for the Club Championship at my local golf club tomorrow. The time is 02.44 AM just started a 18 hole round at TPC sawgrass. Should probably get some rest before the big day tomorrow, but the truth is, I don't really care. With my playing now a days a don't have a shot on winning anyways.
So yeah.... Wish me luck;)


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onsdag 2. september 2009

Field Prod HQ

Today I played my first round of golf this year that actually didn´t suck.
I been playing my worst golf ever this year, so to finally hit the ball good and get the feeling of playing golf instead of just trying to get the ball in the hole makes me happy.

After my round of golf I got in the car and raced down to visit Field productions HQ (Filip´s basement) This is how it looks like!

Filip Editing on his 30 inch apple HD screen with 24 GBram !?!WHAAAT?!?! (Filip is pretty stoked on his set up)

Filip is working on Alex Aurdal´s part, in the background you can see him doing one of the sickest rodeo 7´s I´ve ever seen.

JP and Even editing the Documentary witch will contain four episodes, each lasts around 30 min.

Special Needs Productions.

Joar the music editor making sure the vibe is good thru out the whole movie.

This is pretty funny. Do you see who it is? It´s the one and only Jon Olsson. captured on film is his first time on twin tip´s. Rocking the speedsuit and back mounted bindings doing lincoln loops out the pipe. PRICELESS!

I have 4 meetings tomorrow so it´s probably time to go to bed.


tirsdag 1. september 2009

What to do!

Hey guys!

I can´t say that much has happened since my last post.
These last 3,4,5... actually this last week I´ve been sitting inside watching the rain, ready to go out and play some golf if the rain stops. It never stops. I actually like playing golf in the rain once in a while, it´s really nice to come home super wet, jump in the shower, put on some sweatpants, big hoodie, make a delicious meal and just kick back and chill. Maybe the reason why I like it so much is because it´s kinda the same feeling you get after a really cold day tearing up the mountain.
I just realized that these to scenarios are almost exactly the same. Like I said, once in a while it´s great, but you get a little tired of it cause you can´t perform the way you like. On the golf side the shafts get wet, cold hands, you get no roll on your strokes, you have to wear more clothes so you can´t swing like you want to (or it feels like you can´t). On the skiing side you also get cold hands so you don´t even want to grab your skis, wearing more clothes makes me feel stiff, it feels like I can´t bend and do the same things that I would if I was wearing a T-shirt and a jacket, Your whole body get´s cold so if you fall it feels like your body will be shattered into a million pieces. Like I said, I like it once in a while cause of the feeling you get afterwards, but at the end it ´s just frustrating cause it get´s so much harder to perform.

I got nominated for skier of the year by Fri Flyt Magazine. This is the biggest extreme sport magazine in Norway and they´ll host the Fri Flyt Awards saturday 3. of October. So hit up and vote for who you think should be the winner of the different categories. This is a Norwegian website and a Norwegian survey so I guess it will be a little hard for the English speaking folks!


fredag 28. august 2009

Wet wet wet!!

Wow. Im getting really tired of the rain. This has probably been the worst summer weathervise ever. I think I can count on one hand how many times I've just been outside and just enjoyed the Sun. Well, now the summer is pretty much over so no need to get mad about it now. Im going to Hawaii in October to visit two friends so I can just think about that.

Did you know that 99% of the animal species that ever lived on earth is extinct


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tirsdag 25. august 2009


As a big fan of the Transformers movies i found this movie very cool. If you showed up at a Halloween party with this outfit you'd be my hero for sure.

Check it out!!!

Awesome Halloween Costume - Watch more Funny Videos

I also have a new edition for my exiting blog.
Useless fact of the day!
Did you know, more people die eating sharks then getting eaten by them.


torsdag 20. august 2009

It's always snowing somewhere!

While Im here in rainy Norway I see that most of my skiing friends is on the other side of the globe tearing up the mountains of New Zealand. Seeing videos of a perfect winter park, I can feel that my feet are ready to get down in some skiboots. But I guess I just have to wait.

I want to congratulate Jossi Wells for 1. In pipe and Bobby Brown for 1. in slopestyle. Here's the videos.


Volkl NZ Freeski Open Slopestyle day. low res. from Jase Hancox BASKET PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.


Volkl NZ Freeski Open Superpipe from Jase Hancox BASKET PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

mandag 17. august 2009

Today I started my day out with a little trip to the gym, lifted some weights and 20 min on the bike. I usually do half an hour, but I have a cold so it was probably not a good idea to work out at all. After that I went home, watched a bunch of useless TV shows, made dinner for my mom and me, then went golfing. That was my exiting day!

This is the reason why I didn´t blog for a while, I don´t really have anything exiting to blog about. I feel like I have to entertain you somehow, so im gonna keep posting videos I see on the web.
I saw this a while ago, and it´s a pretty popular video on youtube so most of you have probably seen it already. If you have, it dosen´t hurt to see it again. If you haven´t, you gonna loose some if not all of the respect for women behind the wheel;)
Sorry ladies!


lørdag 15. august 2009

Another B-day

Today I went down to my private hairdresser (my aunt). After my haircut I pretty Much just chilled the rest of the day, now im having some beers with my buddy's. This is the last weekend before everybody goes out living their own lifes, school, work And all the other boring stuff. Tonight happens to be another buddy og mine 25's birthday. So we're gonna link up with him a little later and celebrate him.

I have another link for you today.
The snowboarders are steppin' it up this year for sure!
Check out shaun white throwing back 2 back doubles.
Im looking forward to watching it live at the X-games next year.


fredag 14. august 2009

Halfway to 50

Hey guys!

Im gonna try to give you a small post whenever I can. Right now im on a visit to my big sister, she turned 25 yesterday but she dosen't look a day older than 24 and a half!
I got here right after my workout so im sitting here watching everybody stuffing delicious looking stuff in their mouth, but I put myself on a diet like 2 weeks ago so I have to keep my hands on my Iphone.
The rest of the night I'll either go bowling or play BJ (blackjack) with my buddy's.


mandag 10. august 2009

iPhone 3Gs

Hey guys!

I broke my cellphone like 5 days ago, so today I thought I would give an iPhone one more try. I had one a year back but I got a little tired of it, now when I have it in my hands again I have to say.... It's a pretty cool phone. I also thought it would be good for my blogging career! when I do stuff, and random things happen I can just pick up my phone and tell you about it. The only thing that's a little weird is that I can't take a pic and upload it straight from the phone. It should work, perhaps im just to stupid to figure out how to do it. If you have an iPhone and know how to solve my problem help would be much appreciated.

I came across a bmx video on YouTube the other day that just blew my mind, you have to check it out. The last trick is retarded, some kind of rodeo/misty thing. Check it.


onsdag 8. juli 2009

Is PK blogging again?


Hey Guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I treated myself with a long blog vacation.
Now Im back and I´ll try to give you an input what my day looks like.

Photo: Mattias Fredrickson

My neck is doing fine, I actually started playing some golf two days ago.
Can´t swing my usual powerswing but I figured out that it actually works in
my advantage, cause now I manage to keep the ball out of the woods and pretty
close to the fairway.
I went to the doctor a while back for a check up. He told me that it could go a
few months longer before Im back on my skis again, so I guess 5 more months I
will be pretty close to strapping my skis on.

I have one more statement:
It is my pleasure to say that I am officially a Red Bull rider :D

I have had my eyes on Red Bull for a long time now, and for a lot of reasons.
First of all I love the drink, and what Red Bull do for their athlete´s is just
phenomenal. Im looking forward to a long and good relationship with
Red Bull and the guys behind it.


tirsdag 12. mai 2009

Way back then

Hey guys!

absolutely nothing going on BUT.
I got this pic from my sister. To see this is funny to me.
don´t know if it´s funny to you, but I´ll give it a shot.


fredag 8. mai 2009


Went for a little stroll yesterday. Figured It was time to get out of the house.
Since I think walking is the most stupid thing a person can do I called up my
cousin so he could entertain me with some golf.
brought my camera sooooo here you go.

golf from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Really exiting vid.
I have much more respect for the camera guys who actually manage the ball in the air.

onsdag 6. mai 2009

Good Times


Came back from a wonderful weekend in Hemsedal.
No photo´s since I forgot my Cam (surprise).
Like I said before, I celebrated my 18th birthday in Hemsedal two years ago,
and had one of the best birthdays I ever had, This year didn´t disappoint either.
A really fun Comp to watch, good skiing, good snowboarding, music, concerts,
hot tub, a bunch of friends and a couple of beers. Not much more to ask for.
Jep, a great weekend, highly recommended for all you guys next year.
Now im back home in the coach. Im from a small place in Norway, not much to
do really and all my friends is either working or in school. The golf course is
currently open, but I can´t do that either. So I figured this was a good time to
find a new hobby to get the time to pass a little faster. Soooo after watching
the movie 21 a few times I decided to try to learn how to count cards,
im talking about Blackjack if you didn´t get it. Yeah, TV, facbook and counting
cards is what I spend my precious time on now a days.

Im working on getting in prizes for the contests im planing.
I think it will be about 5 contests, maybe more, maybe less.
Im gonna stop promising anything, but im gonna try to get that going as fast
as possible. In the meanwhile, stay tuned for the exiting world of PK


onsdag 29. april 2009

Old man right here!

hey guys!

Yesterday I had my 20th birthday.
soooo that´s about what happens the last few days.
Not much celebrating either. Im Going to Hemsedal tomorrow though.
It´s the closing weekend, Helly Hansen Invitational and alot of other things
going on. I celebrated my 18th birthday there a couple of years back
and I had a really really good time. so im looking forward to making my
way up to Hemsedal tomorrow to celebrate my 20th birthday.
If you looking for to see some good skiing, enjoy the sun and have a lot of fun,
my advise is to get your ass up to Hemsedal this weekend.



fredag 24. april 2009

PK and Piril Invitational

Hey folks!

These last couple of days I´ve been working on putting a contest
together in my Home mountain, Hafjell. The qualification is today,
and the finals is tomorrow. Im not alone putting this contest on,
Piril (Per Iver Grimsrud) isa really good snowboarder, his from
the same town as me, known him all my life, his parents are
actually my godparents. He probably have to get more credit
than me on this contest since I´ve been in the hospital and
re-habing at home the last three weeks. I think it´s gonna
turn out good. the most importing thing is that everybody
has good time.
So everybody that has the time on Saturday at 2 o´clock
should come and watch, and cheer on the guys.
if you don´t have the time, make the time.

We did some test jumping yesterday, or Piril, Arild Tveit and
Steffen Hamre did. Here´s a video of that so you can see the jump.
actually surprised about the jump, it looks good.
since there´s no snow left here I didn´t really expect much either.

Arild Getting ready

Steffen protecting his butt

Jump, not shaped though

Untitled from PK Hunder on Vimeo.
Me getting a ride up

tirsdag 21. april 2009

Doing Good

Hey fellow human beings!!

Long time since last Update.
That´s mainly because I haven´t had anything exiting
to blog about. I don´t think it´s that exiting to blog
about what I eat and all that bull shit, but if you want to know,
I had frozen pizza for dinner today. My parents decided to go
down to our house in spain to play golf. I guess it´s allright
for parents now a days to leave their little boy with a broken
neck at home. Mom and dad, if you read this... that was a joke... do not worry.
I have my Sister and my brother in law to take care of me.

Actually I don´t need much help. Im doing great.
My biggest problem I have is my beard getting really irritating
behind my neck brace.
The best way to describe how Im doing,
I can live normal really really boring life.
I have no pain, I can move just as normal, just not any sudden
fast moves and I can´t really do any activities, they also said that
I can´t lift more than 4 kilos. What is under 4 kilos that is worth lifting?

Been a lot of comments and questions about the contests.
and for people wondering if I read the comments,
I do and I appreciate the comments very much.
About the contests. I´ll have warm up contest next week.

Im out

søndag 12. april 2009

Lillehammer ..... again

Hey Folks!

Still in the hospital.
Got back to Lillehammer hospital after a successfully surgery
at Ullevål a couple of days ago. After the surgery I expected to
be on my feet pretty much at once, but I had to lay on my back for
two days without even getting the option of rising my back.
Today was a big day for me though, today was my first steps
in one week and 2 days. It was actually a bit funny, I was dizzy
and very insecure about my ability to walk. but I didn´t pass out
and I didn´t eat shit so I guess it went well.

I just want to get home, it sucks lying here so close to home,
looking out the window and pretty much see my house (not really)
is really frustrating. They said that I had to stay here for two days,
just so they can make sure that Im healthy and I don´t get any infections
and stuff.

That´s about it!
Since there probably not gonna be that much skiing on this blog
in the nearest future I have some surprises for you guys.
some contests with some pretty good prices.
Im planing of doing a couple of contests but I don´t know when and how.
The only thing I know is the prize for the one contest. I won´t tell you,
but I´ll give you a hint. ---- It´s pink and purple.


onsdag 8. april 2009


Just arrived Ullevål, for you guys who dosen´t know.
Ullevål is the hospital in Oslo, a bit more advanced hospital
than the one at home in Lillehammer. So I had to come here to
operate, they haven´t decided if im gonna operate or not.
but most likely I will, and I hope so because if I operate
that means that my fracture will be stable and I can pretty much
start walking right away (almost). On the other hand,
if I don´t operate that means that my fracture have to heal before
I start moving to much, and I don´t want that.

This was PK Hunder reporting from his 6th day on his back

tirsdag 7. april 2009

Hospital time

Hey guys!

Long time no blog.
As you may know Im currently in the hospital.
Im waiting to get shipped to Oslo to operate,
the decision weather I am gonna operate or not is yet to be made.
But Im pretty sure I have to operate and I actually hope so.
allright, about time to tell you guys what I did.
some of you may know that I hurt my neck, but I actually
broke it. it isen´t nearly as bad as it sounds I skied away from it,
walked around for 10 minutes afterwards, I have all the movement and
feeling everywhere. I consider myself very lucky allthough I was
very unlucky as well. Since I actually pretty much stomped the trick
it sucks to get a broken neck out of it. You can se on the video
what happened but I´ll tell you my perspective.
I was coming into the jump, the plan was to do a dub 12 but on the
takeoff I felt that I had way to much speed, and I didn´t want to
land switch that far down the very soft landing. soooo,
I set a really slow 10, probably the slowest 10 I have ever done,
felt like a 3. came around perfectly, prepared myself for a hard landing,
put my skis on the snow, got the feeling of landing it and then both my
skis dug down in the snow witch sent me straight on my head.
Im usually really good at just fliping over and roll, but it was so unexpected
and I had alot of speed, so I just didn´t have time to do anything.
that´s what happened.

åre chrash from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

That´s probably the last you´ll see of me skiing until this summer.
I still don´t know the recovery time, but I figure it´s gonna take a little while.
Im still in good spirit, I had a crazy and very good year, and im really happy
with my comeback year, it sucks that I probably not gonna get to film
with MSP and Field, but after this busy contest season Im kinda burned out
allready, Im looking forward to take it easy at home, going on vacation to
someplace exotic where I can play Blackjack.... yeah just living large i guess.


fredag 27. mars 2009

Laax super edit!

When I went to Laax for the european open about a week ago.
I arrived the little town and had no idea where I was staying.
I went up to a hotel called Riders Palace, thats usually where
everybody is staying. I couldn´t find anybody in the lobby
so I went out and enjoyed the warm sun.
After 5 minutes into my tanning sesh Jacob and LJ walked by.
They were going to a rail setup at the bottom of the hill,
I had nothing better to do so I dragged my ski bag and my bag
up to the rail set up, got my ski gear on and then the session was on.
I just realized yesterday that I actually have some shot´s from that.
I just put my camera on my packback and after a while it got really dark.
Not the best shots so I didn´t think it was even worth editing.
Here it is.

laax from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

torsdag 26. mars 2009

JOSS day 4 or 5, not really sure

Today was pretty much a rerun of yesterday.
bad weather, night session on the ´´trick buster´´
got my edges done so I skied a bit better today, not completely
happy but we managed to get some cool shot´s.
yeah, that´s about it. Tomorrow sweet rumble starts, or practice
that is, saturday is Sweet rumble and we leave to Åre on
sunday morning. So Joss in Trysil is pretty much over.

onsdag 25. mars 2009

Let´s fly to the moon..... or not

parra from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

one of Jon´s take off attempts

JOSS day 3 ?

Just got done with a night session on the ¨mini JOI jump¨.
It was a good session, some people were destroying it,
some people struggled a bit. Downside, I was one of the people
who struggled. Upside, Andreas was the main destroyer
So it equaled out a bit.
The thing was that the take off was really really icy,
so the people with good edges handled the take off well.
people like me with no edges had no chance of getting
any spin out of the jump. alltough I had some problems.
like I said Andreas destroyed it, and got many shot´s from
the paraglider that his brother was flying and shooting from
at the same time.

Yesterday we had what seems to be the only sunny day we´ll get here in Trysil.
So we had a session on the Jump/hip (no pic, sorry).Again Andreas Hero of the
day. We got up to the hip and the landing was pure ice.
Mr. Olsson tested it out and when he landed it looked like his knees were about
to explode. almost everybody went back down, but Andreas being the viking
that he is, grew a extra set of balls and threw a sick flatspin.
The shot´s from that turned out to be really sick.
Jon Håtveit was flying over him that time as well.

To sum up, I think team Norway is doing pretty good.
the plan for tomorrow is probably do something urban since the weather
is not cooperating with us at all, and we´ll probably do another night session.
that´s where im planing my Comeback.


mandag 23. mars 2009

First JOSS shot

So yesterday night at 11 we decided to go out
and do something...... unfortunately I can´t tell
you what we did. I can tell you this though, we did something
that I never been a huge fan of, either doing or watching.
actually that was the first time for both me and Andreas to hit a
wallride, Yeah I told you. I went up to the lobby and i guess the
word travels fast around here. everybody knows.
hit that wall until 5 am last night and we´re getting up at 5
tomorrow to session a jump. tomorrow seems to be the only
sun day this week. so tomorrow is the day to get shit done.

Good night.

søndag 22. mars 2009

Long time no blog

Sorry for the lack of updates these past weeks.
I arrived Trysil for JOSS today, Im gonna try to keep you updated
on what my team is doing everyday.
if you didn´t know my team is:
Andreas Håtveit
Filip Christensen
Jon Håtveit
Thomas Kleiven

Im stoked on the team, I think we have a great opertunity to produce
a really good segment. so Im gonna keep you up to date of what´s going
on, unfortunately I can´t tell you everything, cause we can´t let
the other team find out what we´re doing all this time.
the weather forecast dosen´t look that good for this week
so we have to find alternative ways to get some good shot´s,
therefore I can´t tell you evereything


tirsdag 10. mars 2009


Got back from Trysil a couple of days ago.
haven´t been doing much at home, just chilling.
I lost my Cellphone that´s pretty much what I´ve
done since I got back. It´s been snowing a lot so
haven´t felt for going up to the hill.
But tomorrow the forecast says sun, nothing like shredding
at your home mountain so Im stoked.

I got a surprise for you guys.
I put together a edit from me and Jossi´s day in Northstar.
Colby, Byron and TJ has a couple of shots in there also.

here you go !!!

Untitled from PK Hunder on Vimeo.
Song: Juelz santana - clockwork

torsdag 5. mars 2009



I´ve spent my last three days in Trysil.
haven´t got much done due to really bad weather,
we have had a couple of short fun days in the park
and one night session on Jon´s jump.
we have to hit it at night cause the weather (light) is really bad
and supposedly it´s gonna stay bad for a while.
we had our first and only session last night,
go to for video.
As far as the jump goes it is really fun, it could be a bit bigger
but Jon knows what his doing. Cause the jump can´t really
be any bigger without getting massive speed issues.
It´s a really good jump to just play around with and try new stuff.

Me, Oscar and Andreas had fun in the completely whiteout conditions
today, and I made a little edit for you guys.
still ripping that worthless piece of crap Imove 08 or what it is.
so Not much editing really. oh yeah, Oscar made me use that song!!!


Trysil from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

fredag 27. februar 2009

Home sweet Home

Hey folks!

Just came back home a couple of days ago.
Not really much to say at all, except it feels really good to be home.
Im having a hard time getting over my crazy jet.
im going to Trysil on Sunday to hit Jon´s jump for a couple of days,
that´s my plan for now.
there will be an edit with me and Jossi from Northstar within 5 days.
that´s all I have to say for now. very exiting update.


søndag 22. februar 2009

Dew Cup

Winter Dew Tour 2009 is officially done.
We had finals in slope yesterday and I must say that the level was
the highest I ever seen in a slopestyle comp.
I kinda messed up my run, I came off the second rail forward
instead of switch, meaning that I had to do a right 9 instead
of a cab 7 on the first jump. I am pretty stoked that I got to
do my 12 into a sw 12 before the comp season ended.
allthough the second to last jump was way to small to do a 12
I think I did allright.
I wasen´t to happy about the score I got but it landed me in
6th place and that was just enough to get the overall title.
Im pretty stoked to be the first ever Winter Dew Tour champion.

Tomorrow im going to Denver, staying the night and the next
day head back home to Norway. and I can´t tell you how stoked
i am to get back home. gonna be home for couple of days and
probably head over to Trysil to meet up with Jon and Andreas.

Me and Colby´s trophy table


fredag 20. februar 2009

Dew Tour day 3

Today was Slope qualifiers. Since im in top three overall I was
pre-qualified to the finals witch is nice.
I usually don´t mind qualifying cause I think you get more
Practice, at least more efficient practice. But this time Im glad.
Im not really that sure about the course, I think I have my run
down, but it can be so much better. this course just ain´t my
style. I was watching most of the qualifiers and I was very
impressed with the level. Tom Wallisch had a siiiiiick run,
and I think he won the qual. Big time pipe skier Simon Dumont
layed down a very good run also, it´s safe to say after his
performance today people can stop calling him a pipe skier...
like that´s ever gonna happen. Fellow rail shredder Jossi Wells
Had a very nice run also.

After the qualifiers me and Jossi went up to The park in
Northstar witch is the most fun park I have skied in a
very long time by the way. We went up and shot for our
railedit. Turned out pretty good.

Tomorrow´s finals, im feeling very sore since I almost
broke my neck yesterday. (video Bellow)

Crash from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

It´s pretty stupid to have a bump right before the
rail ends. You should be able to go off a rail a
little early without landing on your neck


onsdag 18. februar 2009

Dew Tour day 1

I just got that photo from retallack.
We spent most of our time in Retallack looking for spots
we found out that burning red trees was hella fun.
I don´t know how many we burned but we burned a lot.
It was quite a sight I tell ya.

So dew tour day 1 is over.
we had slope practice and for the guys doing pipe they
had practice aswell. The course is allright allthough the
jumps are tiny and that kinda sucks.
and since I was hitting the Pipe today it´s probably not
the biggest pipe. It seemed like alot of the pipeskiers
had a hard time adapting to this pipe after the huge
X-games pipe.

just to show you guys the course and the pipe.
Here´s Mike Riddle doing a pipe run and me doing a sloperun.

pipeslope from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

tirsdag 17. februar 2009


I kinda figured out the Imovie but not really at all.
I found out how to put shots together and put music to it.
I do not know how to get slowmo if that even exist on Imovie.
So since Mr. Frankum was so bad at doing follows some of them
are very shaky. I can say that it wasen´t all Chris´s fault,
we didn´t have the right settings on the camera.
The quality sucks cause I had to upload it to youtube first cause
the file wouldn´t upload straight to here.
So here you have a bad edited edit, shaky follow cams and poor
quality of me and Chris Frankum cruising in breck.
but it´s something to watch I guess.

Breck from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Retallack with no snow

Just finished off 2 weeks in Retallack BC.
I was there with MSP shooting for the next movie, like I said we were there for two weeks and it didn´t snow once.
So we weren´t to lucky with the snow, didn´t help that everything had slid after their crazy avalanche season. It was hard to get the shots we wanted since we didn´t have snow, but we tried to make the best out of it.

It was an good experience though. the riders were myself, Colby West and Rory Bushfield. Me and Colby being what you can call backcountry rookies learned alot from a rather experience Rory. All though Rory took every opportunity he got to yell and boss me and Colby around I think in the end he still love us.

Right now Im on my flight to Reno, thought I would write this update now so I don´t forget when I get there.
Im not staying in Reno though, Im on my way to Northstar for the last Dew Tour.
The last and the most important stop. It´s important for me because I think im in first place overall in slopestyle so I really want to do good in this one.
I might be in first, but it´s really tight so anyone can win.

Rory, building a jump.

Getting a lift with the cat

Colby chilling

Colby not chilling with a 10 kg helmet

DAAAAIN capturing some epic shots.

Just got to my hotel in Northstar, just founf out that we don´t have practice tomorrow,
So I don´t know what do to tomorrow.