onsdag 6. mai 2009

Good Times


Came back from a wonderful weekend in Hemsedal.
No photo´s since I forgot my Cam (surprise).
Like I said before, I celebrated my 18th birthday in Hemsedal two years ago,
and had one of the best birthdays I ever had, This year didn´t disappoint either.
A really fun Comp to watch, good skiing, good snowboarding, music, concerts,
hot tub, a bunch of friends and a couple of beers. Not much more to ask for.
Jep, a great weekend, highly recommended for all you guys next year.
Now im back home in the coach. Im from a small place in Norway, not much to
do really and all my friends is either working or in school. The golf course is
currently open, but I can´t do that either. So I figured this was a good time to
find a new hobby to get the time to pass a little faster. Soooo after watching
the movie 21 a few times I decided to try to learn how to count cards,
im talking about Blackjack if you didn´t get it. Yeah, TV, facbook and counting
cards is what I spend my precious time on now a days.

Im working on getting in prizes for the contests im planing.
I think it will be about 5 contests, maybe more, maybe less.
Im gonna stop promising anything, but im gonna try to get that going as fast
as possible. In the meanwhile, stay tuned for the exiting world of PK


10 kommentarer:

  1. facbook høres meget inntresangt ut:p

  2. Counting cards is kinda cool, but you should try slack-lining. It gives you a good balance, and is pretty fun :)

  3. om du blir lei av facebook så har du alltids arsebook.org ;)

  4. når er det du legger ut video fra invetational greia?

  5. 5 contests, what do you mean?

  6. He means that it's going to be 5 contests, or in other words 5 chances to win something.

  7. I don't know how I hadn't heard about your crash... Watching the video gave made me feel queezy cause I broke my neck the exact same way you did. First run after braking 2 vertibrae in my back 6 weeks earlier I did a 3 and the landing was so slushy I sank in and got thrown forward.
    Hope you have a good recovery and get back to slayin the compititions soon!


  8. er det noen som vet om noen kule t-skjorter????

  9. PK hva synes du om K2 Extrem skia?? er de bra og og hitte rails med osv?

  10. åssen går det men nakken din pk :) jeg har lyst å lære meg noe nye fete triks har du noen du kan si meg eller :D :)