torsdag 29. januar 2009

edit on the way

We went up to Breck today and found out that the main quad was
closed, that meaning a very long line for the park lift.
We made the decision to head over to Keystone.
We got there pretty late,but got some shots.
The forecast for tomorrow looks good,
I really hope we can hit the big line in Breck, also known as Freeway.
I want to do my sw 12 and my forward 12 in a line, pretty sure I can do it.
since me and Chris Frankum bought such a pimp cam maybe we can use
it in the next field productions film. We´ll see.
gonna show you the rest of the pics I took with my cam.

Sorry about the fucked up writing... it happens sometimes,
I don´t know how to fix it.

Every house need a cleaning bitch, Ole Mustad is ours.

onsdag 28. januar 2009


Came back to the way to crowded Norwegian crib in Breck.
Back to sleeping on a inflatable mattress and now Im sharing it with a girl.... yuuuuck.
Been a snowstorm for a couple of days so haven´t been that much skiing going on
witch is completely alright for me, after my devistating performance on X-slope I need a couple days off.
It´s suppose to be nice weather on Friday and I have a surprise for you guys.
I FINALLY GOT A VIDEO CAMERA, so you can expect a edit pretty soon.
Here´s some Photo´s I took with my new camera this evening.


got some internet shut down so my photo´s didn´t upload.
gonna try again tomorrow, because now it´s time for bed.

Good Night

søndag 25. januar 2009

Not that stoked

Yo !
X-games is officially over and if I wasen´t bummed after big air last night
im deffinatly bummed now. you can go to and
watch the big air action last night.

Slope today, probably the worst conditions possible for this course.
it snowed soooo much and it kinda turned to wet pow after a while.
This made it really a´hard to get speed, not happy with my performance
but wasen´t really that much I could do with the speed, I didn´t do
any rightside spins in my run so I wasen´t expecting a top qualifier
run. I was just looking for getting thru the course, but I had some speed
issues. I knuckled the second jump in my first run and I knuckled the second
and the last one in my second run. Like I said, I can´t really do anything about
the speed, so not doing good today just made me super bummed over last night.

Well trying to put this weekend behind me.
TJ won, im soooo stoked for him, after being out for 10 months I have to say
winning X slope is a pretty baller comeback. jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih.
Now it´s time to enjoy the nightlife of Aspen.

stay pimp.

fredag 23. januar 2009

Still at X

Im still alive and still in Aspen.
going a little better, the course is still very tight and very scary,
but after riding it a lot im getting more and more used to it.
The course is really challenging, just so you get an idea.
at every slopestyle comps you get like 10 practice runs
at the most. we have been practicing for 3 days now, no idea
how many runs I have done. after all this practice you should
pretty much have your run dialed by now, but I don´t think
there´s anybody who actually have done their whole run yet.

todays practice we got a little taste of what the weather is going
to be like on sunday and I have to say, it´s not looking that good.
today went from rain, to pretty good, to snowstorm.
Really hard with the speed, one run you could knuckle every jump,
next run you could overshoot every single one. kinda like last year,
that sucks for me.

The course claimed yet another victim today, fellow skier JF Houle
broke his ankle on the second jump. Im not a 100% but im pretty sure
he broke his ankle. Like I said the speed was really weird today so
he came up a little short and didn´t expect it.

Slope practice and Big air is up tomorrow.
after watching snowboard big air last night I have to say that im not
that stoked anymore. The voting system is pretty stupid I think.
we´ll see.

No card reader yet, no pics... sorry ;)

onsdag 21. januar 2009


Yeah, surprise surprise. I didn´t get a card reader or what it´s called.
I was to tired after slope practice to walk around Aspen to find one.
no pics, but I´ll give you a little update on slope practice.

first of all it´s the most scary course I have ever ridden ever.
First feature is a down rail about 10 feet or 3 meters (STUPID).
Second feature is a down flat down rail witch is really stupid to have in
a slopestyle course. No matter how good you are on rails it´s doubtfully
that you manage to slide the whole thing every single time, and at the same
time you want to do a cool trick on it makes it a lot harder.
Third feature is a flat box or a butter box thing, not much to say about that.
Fourth feature is a jump or a cannonbox like last year (cool)
Fifth feature is a pretty good jump.
Sixth feature is the worst thing you could possibly have in a slopestyle course.
It´s the most sketchy channel gap I´ve ever seen, dosen´t help that when you
land after the first jump your already on the take off for the channel gap.
You have the option of going straight over it, not jumping over the gap
but that´s not as good as it sounds. Since the landing for each side is about the
same size of a cat it´s no room for error or any drifting what so ever.
Last feature, the infamous MONEYBOOTER. Super flat take off so you have to go
pretty far to get the airtime you need (or want).
so that´s the course, sick eh ? not

I don´t like to ski when i´m scared, and i´m deffinatly scared going into that
channel gap waiting in the air to find out if i´m landing on a icy landing or in
a flat icy hole.
Two people actually fell into it today. it was Cheryl Mas (snowboarding girls)
No idea how you spell that name by the way. The other person was Travis rice.
Just so you get idea, Cheryl wasen´t even trying to do the transfer.
she got a concussion and a broken collar bone, after what I heard it should
have been much worse. And Travis is superman or maybe more like
spider-man, He went straight into the wall pushed himself out of the wall
did a 360 stomped the shit out of it in the middle of the dead flat gap,
rode away like a pimp.

I just think it´s stupid that we have to sign all the forms that we can´t
sue them and any injuries on the course isn´t their fault, when they have
a jump where we land 10 feet from certain death every run.
allright, maybe not certain death, but i´m pretty sure you could die.

Sweet after me writing all this explaining everything about the course,
dear Mr. Lampert tells me that I have bluetooth on my mac, so he
can send me pics from his phone.

Death Gap. looks a lot worse in real life, but i´m sure it looks good on TV..... Idiots

Death gap from underneath and me hitting the last jump

They can´t wait to give us a ride back up

Norway represent. Ander Backe, Mille Windfeldt, Andreas Håtveit and some random dude with sick boots

tirsdag 20. januar 2009

Long time no blog

First of all, I want to say that Im sorry for not giving you any updates in a long time.
The reason for that is a mix of waiting for a new computer, having no computer, waiting for a camera, having no camera and most of all me being lazy.
I been riding in Keystone the last couple of weeks,
I been kinda slacking on working on my comp tricks since I did´t know that I were in X-games slope until a couple of days ago. I have to admit that this kinda stressed me out a little. I went up to Breck for the first time on monday and I have to say that im in love.
It´s the three best jumps I ever hit after the JOI jump a couple of years ago.
So I´ve been riding Breck the last couple of days, and I think I have my X-games run down.

I made my way up to Carbondale tonight. it´s about 30 min from Aspen.
I want to thank the Olenicks for welcoming me into their sweet home.
Now it´s time for me to show my thanks thru kicking their ass in Ping Pong

X-games slope practice tomorrow, hopefully you´ll get some pics of the course,
The thing is I have a new mac where there´s no spot for my memory card to slide into. Im gonna figure that out tomorrow.

C Ya

søndag 11. januar 2009

Dew Tour at Mount Snow

Arrived Breckenridge last night after the second stop at Dew Tour in
Mt. snow Vermont.
I didn't get any photo's of the course because it was to damn cold for my
camera to handle, but I can tell you this. The course was the most challenging
course I've ever competed in. 7 features, 4 rails and three jumps.
And two rails in the middel of the jump line kinda messed me up.
Since I wasen't that comfertable with the course im really happy with second place.
and I have to give it up to JF for laying down the most tech railrun in a
slopestylecomp I ever seen.

I went to breck before the pipe finals so I didn't get to se it, but i heard
it was the most ridiculous pipe comp ever. her can you find the top 3 runs from slope, i don't think
pipe is up yet.

Im gonna hit the hill right now soooooo PEACE

torsdag 8. januar 2009

Dew Tour without any skis

So, I met up with oscar at Gardermoen (airport in Norway) we headed over to
Mount Snow VT. for the Dew Tour.
Our trip was just fine. I kinda miss booked my ticket though, I was
flying with American Airline and I was sure that they were in Star Alliance.
no, so I didn't get any bonus points for my miles witch sucks.
Like I said, our trip was just fine, until we got to Boston.
The Airline managed to loose our skibags so we can't do anything.
we had practice yesterday witch didn't really matter cause the weather
was pretty bad, I thought we had Qualification today, but we have one more practice day and qualification tomorrow.
Im hoping to see my bag any minute now, it was supose to come last night but
due to the shitty weather I figured it got delayed.
Oscar's bag is still missing, hopefully on it's way from London to Boston as we speak.

Me and Oscar enjoying a good breakfast and waiting.
I have a feeling we'll be waiting for a while longer.

tirsdag 6. januar 2009

Vacation is officially over

So, here it goes again. My christmas vacation was great and I hate to see it come to an end, but the next Dew tour starts tomorrow so I think it's about time to head over to Mt. snow. So that's my plan, I got Oscar Sherlin to come down to oslo instead of stockholm so we could fly out together. Finally have travel partner.
I've been travelling alot alone these past years and im getting really tired of it.
We arrive in MT. Snow late tonight and I have a interview with NBC and
practice tomorrow so hopefully I won't be to tired. It's alot worse to travel from the US than it is to travel from here, so I think I'll bee fine.

No edit yet. I think I learned that I shouldn't promise something I can't keep.
There's not going to be a edit from hafjell. because neither me or Even had
computers that could handle the format of the footage, neither of us had a editing program, and he went to Trondehim to shoot rails witch made everything a little harder.
sooooooo, im not going to promise anything, but hopefully I get to buy a camera in the US and you'll get a edit from keystone.... yayyyyy..

I have to go finish packing, so I don't miss my train to the airport.
Off I go..................................

fredag 2. januar 2009

Happy New Year

First of all I would like to say happy New Year to everyone out there.
I have my own calender in my head, my new year always starts at the first competition for the season, so for me it's been 2009 for 3 months allready.

I think it's been like 6 days from my last update where I told you I was buying
a plaine ticket, a mac, and a camera. I bought my plaineticket like 5 minutes ago,
I haven't bought a camera yet, I will probably do this when I get over to America.
I actually managed to buy a mac, I was so pumped until I found out that the delivery date was set to 16-19 of january. I called them to try to speed up the delivery.
now the delivery date is the 9th. im leaving on the 6th so I have a problem.
hoping to figure that out today.
I know I promised you an New years edit as well. I will try to get it up as fast
as possible. I was expecting a new mac where I actually could edit the footie,
so I have to try figure it out some other way.

yeah. that's what's up, still just cruising in Hafjell and having alot of fun.
Im not looking forward to leaving this place.