mandag 14. desember 2009



Got back from Vierli on sunday, we had a great trip. The park was really fun and is probably the best park in Norway right now this early in the year. This was also my first time Jumping since my injury so it was good to see that I haden´t lost all of my tricks, actually did some tricks I´ve never done before. Enjoy

PK-Steffen-Vierli from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

torsdag 10. desember 2009

Colby West everybody!

Like I said before, I´ts been a long time since I had my camera. So when I went thru some old clips I came across this and thought I had to share this with you guys. This is Colby displaying an amaziiing singin voice.

Untitled from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Im currently in Norway...... somewhere. The only thing I know is that the place is called Vierli. There´s basicly nothing here exept a small ski resort. That´s not a bad thing though. This is probably the best option for skiing we have in Norway this early in the year and the owner is super cool. Makes us whatever we want and really apreciate our input on things. started a edit tonight, it will be out shortly after the weekend

onsdag 9. desember 2009

Off to Vierli!!

Hafjell vol 2 from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.


Me and Steffen shot a couple of runs in hafjell the other day. nothing special. It tend to become more bull shit then skiing in me and steffen´s edit´s. Sorry for you english speaking people, but I guess it´s not my fault that you can´t speak norwegian.
Tomorrow myself and Steffen is making the trip to Vierli ski resort. They had the Artic Challenge qualifyers there earlier this year and it looked great. I have done my little warm up in Hafjell these last couple of weeks so now im ready for some real skiing.

I got my charger for my camera and my wide angel lense back so look out for a edit from Vierli pretty soon. Oh yeah, we´re picking up Jonny in Oslo as well. sounds like a great weekend.


søndag 6. desember 2009


Here´s the edit Jonny made from our two days messing around at the Heming Gymnasium. Enjoy!

animal from Air Force on Vimeo.

Me, Jonny Aaseth and Aleksander Aurdal

torsdag 3. desember 2009

19 is no age for braces

Since sunday I've been really sick, but today I fellt good and got my 2nd day on skiis. It was frustrating to get back on my skis and then have to take another break. I was looking forward to the second day cause after my first day my neck got a little sore, so I was woundering if it was something wrong back there or just a muscle that haven't been to work for a while. Im happy now, lying in my bed The neck feels great. Skiing again tomorrow, new day new opportunities. Im taking it slow, day by day, but I can feel im getting back into it.

I was walking down the streets of Lillehammer today and suddenly I ran into a friend of mine that reminded me why I don't do streetrails anymore. This is Kim Boberg with croocked teeth and braces. He tried to do a wooden dub kink with the flat removed, I don't know exactly how that went but it's not that hard to pitchure. It's not nice to laugh but it's really hard to not:) seriosly though, I feel really bad for my dear Kim. He looked like shit!!!!


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