onsdag 30. september 2009

Birthday boy!

Tonight we went out to celebrate my buddy (Jonny) 24th birthday! His girlfriend had planed a nice dinner with just the two of them, what he didn´t know was that we would all be waiting for him at the table. He was really surprised when he walked in to a corner with all his friends:)

I actually bought these a couple of days ago. jep, those are shoes with wheels. I know that´s a really childish thing to have, but I always wanted to get some. Notice the barbwire on the soul, that´s pretty hardcore!!! Jonny was really stoked when I got them so I figured why not buy some for him to. So if you see two guys on heelys at the airport it´s probably us!


mandag 21. september 2009

Weekend in Oslo

Hey guys!

Got back from a weekend in Oslo late last night. Saturday was the premiere for Eyes Wide Open, I'll give you a post about that night as soon as I get some pics. In the meanwhile I'll tell you what I did yesterday! I was a judge in a freestyle soccer battle hosted by Red Bull. I was one of the three judges, the two others were pro and I don't really know much about freestyle soccer, at first I was a little worried that I would judge it wrong, it's always best if the best guy wins. so I was judging who put on the best show and my vote did'nt really matter. I think it was only one time I did'nt vote for the same guy as the other judges so it went really well.
It was a cool experience, I've played soccer all my life and I watched a lot of movies on youtube of this stuff so I wasen't clueless I just don't know the technical difficulties of the different tricks.

Here's one of the judges warming up the crowd before the show started.

onsdag 16. september 2009

Active man right here

Ok, I woke up pretty late. After I got up I got in the car and drove to "mjøsen GC". It's a golf course 30 minutes from my house. After 18 holes I was on my way home to get something to eat before my work out, when my work out buddy called me and said he couldn't make it. Since we worked out yesterday I decided to ditch the weights, so I went for another 9 holes at "Hafjell GC" (golfcourse 300 meters from my house). 27 holes is like 15 Km (9.3 miles). With all the zig zaging I have to to do since I can't hit the ball straight it's probably more like 20 km (12.4 miles). With a 15 kg (33 lb) bag on your back it's harder than it sounds. After walking around for like 6 hours I was looking forward to come home and relax, then I got a text from a buddy of mine who wanted to kick my ass in Bowling. I was pretty tired, But I just can't turn down a challenge like that. What he forgot to tell me was that he's really not that good. Here's the result.

As you can see it wasen't that challenging. Tomorrow I have a CT scan at 9 o'clock. Friday Im linking up with fellow skiers Anders Backe and Christopher Frankum for a golf challenge hosted by Fri Flyt, saturday is the premiere for Eyes Wide Open and sunday im going to be a judge of a freestyle soccer competition hosted by Red Bull. Should be a fun weekend.

Good Night!

fredag 11. september 2009

UFO ramping!

I drove home from Rødde last night, I figured that would be better than wasting half of a Friday driving. Now Im sitting in my bed and been doing that the whole day cause both of the cars are gone so I can´t do anything.
The trip was good and fun, there´s a lot of talent up there. I saw a lot of dubs, dub misty 14 (not on purpose), kangeroo japan to mute and a bunch of other stuff. One thing really stood out! this one guy dropped in on a....we call it a UFO, don´t know the word for it in English, You can see it on the pic above. yeah, he dropped in from the top gained a lot of speed and threw himself into a slightly over rotated Backflip. 5 minutes later he was on top again, dropped in, went off the jump and did a perfect double back. we were discussing if anyone has done a double back on a UFO before, no one there knew for sure. So until I see a video of it Im claiming to have witnessed the first UFO double back. He said he wanted to go for a trippel when they go back next week. Here´s my iphone clip of it.

I can see now that you can't really see anything in that clip. Looked a lot better on my phone. It was sick!!

All And all it was a good trip. I want to thank everyone at Rødde for letting me come And hang out!!


tirsdag 8. september 2009

Water ramping!

Today we got up at 6.45 AM. That was a problem for me since im used to...... Well, let's just say that after my neck injury I gotten used to sleeping in.
We ate some breakfast and then got in the car, drove to the water ramp set up. The boys and here is really stoked, it did'nt take them longer than 10 minutes after we got here untill I heard the first splash, then followed with a weird sound that reminded me of a wounded animal. I turned around and saw a guy lying flat on his back trying desperately to get some air down his lungs. I've had the Wind knocked out of me a couple of times so I know that it is really uncomfortable but usually pretty harmless. Sooo, I laughed my ass off;) I know it's not a nice thing to do but that's what you get when you try a rodeo 7 on your first ever water ramp jump, when we pointed out a million times before that it's very different than riding on snow so you should just take it easy and get used to it before you go crazy!!

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mandag 7. september 2009

Rødde Folkehøyskole

Hey guys!

Im currently located at Rødde Folkehøyskole (freestyle skiing academy).
Like last year Im here for a water ramping trip they do every year.

This is the head coach Eimund! I known Eimund for a while now, he was there when I did my first competition here in Norway and actually stood beside (below) me on one of my first podiums ever.

When I got here this evening Eimund had to go to a meeting so I figured I would go for a walk and check out what´s going on around here. I found a gym so I worked out for an hour.

After my work out I continued my little walk and found some pretty cool stuff like this stair set-up. it looks pretty sick.

A summer set-up on a rainbow!

a little rollarcoaster box.

They also had a minramp, a mountain bike drop and some other cool rails.
I have to get off the computer now. I´ve been pending between this blog update and facebook for two hours and it´s 4 and a half hour until I have to get up and go to the water ramps.

Good Night!

fredag 4. september 2009

Warm up

Im over at my sisters place playing Tiger Woods on Nintendo Wii. Im actually warming up for the Club Championship at my local golf club tomorrow. The time is 02.44 AM just started a 18 hole round at TPC sawgrass. Should probably get some rest before the big day tomorrow, but the truth is, I don't really care. With my playing now a days a don't have a shot on winning anyways.
So yeah.... Wish me luck;)


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onsdag 2. september 2009

Field Prod HQ

Today I played my first round of golf this year that actually didn´t suck.
I been playing my worst golf ever this year, so to finally hit the ball good and get the feeling of playing golf instead of just trying to get the ball in the hole makes me happy.

After my round of golf I got in the car and raced down to visit Field productions HQ (Filip´s basement) This is how it looks like!

Filip Editing on his 30 inch apple HD screen with 24 GBram !?!WHAAAT?!?! (Filip is pretty stoked on his set up)

Filip is working on Alex Aurdal´s part, in the background you can see him doing one of the sickest rodeo 7´s I´ve ever seen.

JP and Even editing the Documentary witch will contain four episodes, each lasts around 30 min.

Special Needs Productions.

Joar the music editor making sure the vibe is good thru out the whole movie.

This is pretty funny. Do you see who it is? It´s the one and only Jon Olsson. captured on film is his first time on twin tip´s. Rocking the speedsuit and back mounted bindings doing lincoln loops out the pipe. PRICELESS!

I have 4 meetings tomorrow so it´s probably time to go to bed.


tirsdag 1. september 2009

What to do!

Hey guys!

I can´t say that much has happened since my last post.
These last 3,4,5... actually this last week I´ve been sitting inside watching the rain, ready to go out and play some golf if the rain stops. It never stops. I actually like playing golf in the rain once in a while, it´s really nice to come home super wet, jump in the shower, put on some sweatpants, big hoodie, make a delicious meal and just kick back and chill. Maybe the reason why I like it so much is because it´s kinda the same feeling you get after a really cold day tearing up the mountain.
I just realized that these to scenarios are almost exactly the same. Like I said, once in a while it´s great, but you get a little tired of it cause you can´t perform the way you like. On the golf side the shafts get wet, cold hands, you get no roll on your strokes, you have to wear more clothes so you can´t swing like you want to (or it feels like you can´t). On the skiing side you also get cold hands so you don´t even want to grab your skis, wearing more clothes makes me feel stiff, it feels like I can´t bend and do the same things that I would if I was wearing a T-shirt and a jacket, Your whole body get´s cold so if you fall it feels like your body will be shattered into a million pieces. Like I said, I like it once in a while cause of the feeling you get afterwards, but at the end it ´s just frustrating cause it get´s so much harder to perform.

I got nominated for skier of the year by Fri Flyt Magazine. This is the biggest extreme sport magazine in Norway and they´ll host the Fri Flyt Awards saturday 3. of October. So hit up www.friflyt.no and vote for who you think should be the winner of the different categories. This is a Norwegian website and a Norwegian survey so I guess it will be a little hard for the English speaking folks!