torsdag 31. mars 2011

Hovden Shoot..... sort of

So we went to Hovden for a shoot on a hip. Turned out the hip sucked so we ended up shredding the park, witch was small but really fun. Of course Russ´s camera died on my third lap, but here´s a little edit from what we got.


mandag 28. mars 2011


Not my proudest moments, but I thought I´ll show you how much of a shitshow I can be!


lørdag 26. mars 2011

To windy for Jumping

For these last 4 days me and Russ has been so stoked to just go ski without no preasure from upcoming competitions. We woken up to a sunny bluebird sky every day, but behind that perfect picture thru my bedroom window I wake up to every morning a horrific wind is hiding. It´s been so windy that it pretty much has been impossible to ski.
We did haik a rail for like 15 minutes yesterday though, and russ made this edit. I stole it from

onsdag 23. mars 2011

Season, part ||

Russ, laura, Alex, Ole and Lasse (behind the camera) Made a sweet taco/burito dinner right before we went to the movies. FYI. We watched "I am nr 4". Sick movie, at least I thought so.

Last week I was in Tignes, France for Euro X. I took it easy since it was only 3 and a half week after my knee surgery. The Weather was not cooparating, so we got little to no practice on the jumps. I ended up in 12th place. Im completely fine with that. It's kinda weird for me to say that, but I didn't go down there to win, I just wanted to ski and meet all the guys again. So it's all good, and I landed my first X-games run ever:) it only took me 5 tries.

My season is devided into 2 parts. The first part is comps comps comps. The second part is shoothing, witch can be hectic but you can do things in your own tempo. That's exactly what I need right now.

That was a little update of my life. Now we are all hanging out at my place, hopefully the wind that's been destroying our skiing settles down.


lørdag 12. mars 2011

Doctor was right

There's something about waking up early to a perfect bluebird day and driving to the hill that I really love. This is me, Lasse and Gabs doing just that!

Today, or i guess yesterday here in Norway. It's exactly 3 weeks and one day since my operation and I was able to ski pretty hard today. I was afraid landing forward and backseat would be a problem but turns out it isn't. I feel something sometimes, not pain, just a feeling in my knee that reminds me that im hurt. This is enough for me to put the breaks on and not ski 100%.
After a little early morning shred tomorrow I hop on a plane to Tignes tomorrow for Euro X. Im gonna ski, but since my knee is.... Whatever it is, and I don't really have the big tricks diealed right now. Im Going down there just to have fun and put together a chill run. Hopefully the first run I land at the X-games! This will be my fourth X-games apearance and im yet to land a run!!!!!

Remember this guy? Espen Linnerud is back in biz. Look out for his banger comeback part in the new fieldprod movie dropping this fall. Going to be sick!!!


søndag 6. mars 2011

Skiing again

Thursday I had my first day back on skis after my operation. Just started out with some turns and straight airs over the smallest jumps but I get to go out in the snow and breathe some fresh air. The knee isen't a 100 % but after all it's only two weeks since the operation.

This weekend I went to Kongsberg to judge a big air competition. This brought back some good memories cause I won this very comp 6-7 years ago where I won an invite to Red Bull big air in Åre.

Judging isen't easy. It's very hard to put score's on every trick and try to keep it consistent. We were three judges. After the competition I was looking over the scoreboard, and the judging was terrible. The guys said that my judging was pretty much on point so that's good. But a lot of guys got screwed pretty bad. One example is Alex Aurdal who did he's best dub 10 ever. Pretty much perfect. I gave him a 94, the headjudge gave him a 86 or something and the third judge gave him a 76.

At the end it was one guy on top, and his name is Thomas Dølplads. i think it's he's fifth time winning this comp in a row. He skied really well!