tirsdag 30. mars 2010

JOSS replacement

Aleksander Aurdal got voted by the norwegian people to be my replacement for JOSS. Im stoked for Aleks he´s a sick skier and he deserve this opportunity.
The team is now:
Andreas Håtveit
Sig Tveit
Aleksander Aurdal
Jon Håtveit

Filip Christensen (fieldproductions) had to back out due to shoots that been delayed cause of weather and he couldn´t get out of it. so I don´t know who´s gonna be the second filmer.

so to my norwegian comrades I which them good luck, and have fun.


søndag 28. mars 2010


This can sum up my life as a helpless one armed skier. Im just glad I can hold the controller, If not my days would be very long and very boring. I can actually feel my shoulder is getting better though. Today I got out of bed all by my self at least. I thought 2-3 months rehab time, like the doctors told me sounded like a really long time so I asked Wallisch today, cause I remembered he broke his collorbone a couple og years back. He told me he was back on skiis after 2-3 weeks and was throwing legit tricks after 4-5 weeks. So I guess it's not gonna take 3 months to heal. Just have to wait and see, time Will show.

lørdag 27. mars 2010

I made a profile on twitter a while ago, but to be honest I didn´t really get it and I thought it sucked. But I kinda got back into it and it´s pretty dope. it´s basicly a small blog and it´s really fast. So eventhough I will try to keep the posts flowing here, we all know when Im not skiing I have a tendency to forget about this blog. I will try my best to keep it up though. But you should add me on twitter if you want to follow my life as an injured skier. My username on Twitter is PKHunder.


fredag 26. mars 2010

Season ender

First of all I want to congratulate Pekka, Frido and the winner Klaus Finne! Everybody skied sick yesterday at the BYB big air.

Me, SigTveit and Elvis Harsheim judged yesterday.
I was a judge because i injured my shoulder during the railjam. After getting some X-rays today I found out that my colarbone is broken. It's pretty painfull, today I couldn't get out of bed without help. 2-3 months rehab time, meaning my season is over. Struggeling coming back from my neck injury last year, busted up ankle all year I finally fellt like I was getting a hang of it again and then this happens! Im really tired of beiing injured and I was really looking forward to Joss and all the spring skiing. So this sucks!

Im forced to drop out of the team for JOSS so they have to find a another one to replace me.

torsdag 25. mars 2010

One armed bandit

Yesterday at the candy railjam I came of a rail a little wrong and ended up straight on my face. I also banged my shoulder pretty bad. I could lift and move it pretty good right afterward, but when I was trying to take my sweater off I heard a loud snap, and it hurt pretty bad for like 30 seconds.

I went to the doctor and he didn't think anything was broken or anything. We scheduled for a x-ray early this morning, I managed to drag myself out of bed, get in the car, drive about 50 meters in the new snow and then I got stuck. Turned off the engine and went straigt back to bed. So I have to try to get an x-ray tomorrow instead.

Anders Backe and the winner of the railjam, Aleks Aurdal. On their mac, I would guess blogging!


tirsdag 23. mars 2010


Untitled from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Hanging out at Håtveit is pretty god damn fun. We had a session on the jump on top of the mountain yesterday and a night session on the rail set ups. it was suppose to be qualifiers on that jump today but it was way to windy, so we just had another session on the rails instead. I decided to find my camera and shoot a little, turns out Im not made for being behind the camera so I got tired of shooting after like 15 minutes. I managed to get some fun stuff and I put it together for you guys. Not much but it gives you an idea of what we´re doing here.

I can see out the window now that the qualifiers have started on the Backyard Booter instead of the jump on top of the mountain so I should probably start thinking about getting out there.


Skiing, facebook, X-box, eating and sleeping

That's how we live at Andreas. And alooooot of candy!

søndag 21. mars 2010


fredag 19. mars 2010

Railjam and concert

Not much really happens in this small town of mine, but it's nice to see when it does it's something with skiing. Railjam, downtown øyer. A lot of people showed up both participated and watched.

Nico D and Amiral P had a concert afterwards! They Play Reagae and they are sooo sick. They made the outtro song for "eyes wide open" and they had a nr 1 hit in the birthplace of reagae, Jamaica. That means they'r pretty legit!


torsdag 18. mars 2010

Taco and board game night

Me and Kim Boberg

I woke up to a pretty grey day. Spent the morning debateing if I was going skiing or not Witch should'nt be anything to sit and wounder about. But last time I was skiing in Hafjell it was like -25 celsius and really shitty light when the the sun wasen't out. Then it occured to me! I'ts almost spring. So i got my skigear on and headed up. Sure enough, it was about 0 degrees, kinda slushy, the sun peaked out alitte bit between the clouds and I bumped into a couple of friends like the guy in the pic. Turned out to be an Asesome day, just messing Around with underflips and all that fun stuff. I actually got really bummed when I found out that the park is closed tomorrow to make it ready for a snowboard comp on saturday. Oh well.

After the hill we went to Kim's place for a Taco and board game night.

Alias - party edition. Greatest game ever.

Yeah, it's pretty fun. Don't gonna explaine the whole game, but it's a game with words and it makes it a lot better to Play with a Sweedish person. Go Kim.


tirsdag 16. mars 2010

France - Norway

Im Back home in Norway after a intense week at Euro X. The week turned out to be pretty fun, the course got a lot better after our input and advice so the course was actually pretty fun to ski. I placed 10th, 2 spots behind a final spot. Even though I didn´t make finals Im not completely disappointed. We had 2 runs, my 1st run was pretty basic. I just tried to keep it smooth and simple. I was really happy with my run.... until the last jump.... since speed was an issue with the last jump I was gonna end my run with a simple sw 10 mute, probably the most basic trick in skiing, after a sw 7 mute, but I hooked my ski in the take off and lost control. I stomped it but I had absolutely no grab what so ever. So I messed up pretty bad, but I wasen´t that far back. If I grabbed Im pretty sure I would be in the finals. 2nd run, I fell in the trap of the six jumps in one course. Did a small speedcheck where I shouldn´t had and because of that came up a little short. So yeah, not stoked at all but also not that disappointed either. I can really feel the almost year long break I had but im getting there, Slowly but surely.

PK Hunder, K2 SKEEZE THE MOVIE 3 from Drew Lederer on Vimeo.

Skeeze the movie 3 - edited by, Drew ´´the fatman´´Lederer.
Hope it´s okey I posted it;)


tirsdag 9. mars 2010

Practice day 1

Today was the second day of practice, or the first one for me. They had done some major changes with the course, and I guess after what I heard it was a little better. The course contains of two rails and six jumps.... yes SIX jumps, it´s crazy and it kinda sucks, especially when not one single jump is good. The main problem, that people was working on figuring out was speed. The speed is really weird and the course has no flow at all. The second jump you have to straightline and you probably still land on the knuckle, You can actually stop after the third one and still get enough speed for the fourth and with wind changing every run it makes it really hard. Im just gonna say it, The course is really bad. ´´This is the worst course I have ever skied´´ Is a quote I have heard from a lot of skiers both yesterday and today. I guess that pretty much sums it up. we have practice for 1 hour tomorrow and 45 minutes before qualis on thursday, No idea how it´s gonna go. not feeling it at all.

Good night


Breckruzin´ from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Got my final cut kind of working again. So I put together this small edit from a couple of days in Breck. Nothing special, just me trying to get back into it.


mandag 8. mars 2010

Euro X-games. Tignes, France.

Arrived Tignes late last night. met up with Elvis Harsheim and Oscar Harlaut witch Im staying with. They were stuck at the bus station at the town below so with my brilliant charm I convinced her to pick them up. We went up to the town we were staying at, found our place, but we had no key!!! Elvis had talked to the lady he rented the place from who didn´t speak english. She said we had to go left, and then left, there we will find a boat where she had hidden the key. Obviously we didn´t find a boat in the middle of the french alps so we just ended up walking the streets for two hours in a desperate hope we would find a key. off course we didn´t find the key in the streets, what we did find thoug was a nice guy who tried his best to help us. Walked around town trying to find a booking agency that wasen´t closed..... nope.... after a good 4 hours freezing cold on the streets this guy offers us to stay at his place. Three complete strangers he just met. felt a little weird to just stay with a guy you didn´t know, but it was either that or freezing to death. So Russ (I belive his name was) thank you very much, your a hell of a guy.

Woke up this morning, soooo tired since we didn´t get any sleep. checked into our place, at that time the practice was mid way thru so we decided to chill today and rest up for tomorrow. didn´t seem like we missed anything though. according to the guys who skied the course was terrible. They said they had to change everything if they wanted this comp to work so I guess it´s a brand new course tomorrow.


søndag 7. mars 2010

Travell day

Yesterday I drove back home from Andreas's place, packed my bags, slept, got in the car this morning and drove to the airport. Now im ready to board my flight to France for the European X-games. Exited to see if we can find our way from the airport to tignes!!

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onsdag 3. mars 2010

Way 2 many laps

I AM BEAT! Me and Andreas skied for 4 hours today And probably got just as much skiing done as you do for 4 days in a regular ski resort! the lap time for the 2 jumps at the skiresort is awesome, or it's perfect. You get on the lift right after you land And get off on top of the inrun for the first one. The railine we hit ten times each and then switch towing eachother up with the skidoo! So yeah, a lot of intense skiing = tired And sore back!

The backyard set up. Bad pic though, cant really see anything!

The man himself and his wifey after three pizza's and a game of yatzi.
new day tomorrow, now im gonna fall asleep during Rush Hour 3!

Im out!!

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tirsdag 2. mars 2010

How we do at the Håtveit

After a quik stop by the Red Bull office I got in the car energized and ready for the drive up to the Håtveit's. After 5 hours on a narrow road in the middle of the woods, it suddenly opens up and I could see some lights in the distance, the lights got brighter for every meter. When I got close enough I see a inrun between to big towers going into a huge jump, beside the jump is a sick rail line. All of this was in the middle of a small town of condos. It looked F'ing sick. The jump wasen't completely shaped so we just sessioned the railline for a couple of hours. My railgame was a little rusty but a couple of days on that line I think I'll be allright!

The Håtveits has a pretty nice set up going on here, not only the private park in the backyard. They have a hotel and a bunch of really cozy condo's. They hooked me up with this condo where I live by my self. It's good to have a little space to relax after a hard day at the hill. So thanks Håtveit's, really apreciate it!!!

Fireplace by the tv.. Cozzzzy!!!


Where the all the action happens!

Hot tub, where the action also happen'

Did'nt get any photos from the set up since I was to Busy skiing, but check back for some pics these NeXT couple of days..

Good night!

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Jon..... you better watch out!!!

Årets første PK-seier from Fri Flyt TV on Vimeo.

Im really stoked on my first win of the season, and it was in my home resort so that made it so much better. My new life goal is to beat Jon Olsson at the 2014 olympics. but I guess we have to wait 4 years to see how that turns out.
Im in Oslo right now, getting ready to leave for Sudndalen to visit Andreas. as some of you might know he has a pretty sweet set up in his backyard so Im stoked to shred with him for a week. European X-games is closing up so it´s about time to get some real skiing down.