fredag 27. november 2009

King Of Style

yeah yeah! I know I wasen´t the best gossip boy. It became really hard when my Iphone 3G didn´t want to connect with the internet over there. But I can write about my weekend.

I started the weekend by going to Henrik Windstedt´s premiere of his movie ´Éxploded view´´ The movie is about Henrik´s season as he travels the world competeing and shooting. It was cool to see how he looks at things and how he´s mind works before, during and after competitions. That´s a side of a skier you rarely see. Another highlight from the movie was, (can´t remember his name) a french snowboarder that Henrik skis with trying to make his way down a face on his board. When the whole face and with that I mean the ENTIRE face breaks making the biggest avalanch I´ve ever seen. You can see Henrik in chock. I remember me thinking: That have to be the worst experience ever to witness a friend die right infront of you. They find him like 1-2 KM down the valley amazingly without serious injuries. that just blew my mind. Check it out!!!!

Nice rail set up for the kids to play.

Andreas won! I have to say I usually don´t take that much joy watching other people win, but this time was different. I got such a good feeling when Andreas got crowned The King Of Style!!! Norway representin´. have to give some props to Phil Casabon as well, He´s switch ten is the sickest switch ten I´ve ever seen.
The afterparty was GREAT, unfortunatly I can´t say anything about that out of respect for my buddy´s ;)

Tomorrow´s a big day, my first day on skis in 7 months and 24 days.
Im stooooked, starting easy though, im just gonna do some carving. maybe a railslide or two!

Good Night!

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  1. Awesome update PK! Love your new header (picture on the very top) I hope you enjoy skiing again after 7 months and 24 days! Super stoked for you!