søndag 12. desember 2010

colby bowling from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

I feel like it´s safe to say who won the style challenge!

lørdag 11. desember 2010


2 days in Keystone from Oscar Scherlin on Vimeo.

Here´s a video from the first day at Keystone. It´s been shit weather since then, but we have skied every day. Im working on my right side spins for the moment. It´s so hard, but it´s kinda fun doing tricks you can´t do.
Since I ski so many contests thru the season I feel like I have to work on my contest tricks every time I go skiing and you kinda forget about the other tricks and know that spinning both ways has become such a big part of the sport I feel that I have to be better at it. Anyways, Dew Tour is coming up in a few days and I have like four tricks to learn so I hope we will get some sunny days before that time.


onsdag 8. desember 2010


After Two days without any bags I finally got to go ski. We made our way over to Keystone on this perfect bluebird day. Me, Bobby, Martini and russ were pretty much the first persons up there and had perfectly groomed jumps. Personaly I had a mellow day just getting used to the jumps, but Russ and Bobby didn´t have the same mindset. doubles on the third run, rightside doubles and other crazy shit like that. It´s kinda drepessing skiing with those guys.

Russ got a new hat on Wallmart. Fits him perfectly.

Is beanie over the helmet the new trend that replaces tall tees?

After we got back from the hill I spent 4 hours watching Lasse and Russ play COD. I was bored out of my mind witch resulted in me cleaning the apartment, for people that knows me that says a lot. When Colby got home we went to dinner (just me and Colby) after dinner we went to see Tanners movie. We we´re probably gone for like 4 hours, when we came back they were still playing. Addicted retards.

Good night

torsdag 2. desember 2010

Hafjell shredin

Hafjell run from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

A run thru the park here in hafjell, there´s a couple of more rails on the side, but this is the line we skied all day. Of course I managed to screw up the last rail.... whatever, not like it´s a X-games winning run anyways.

As you can see it´s just the small park that´s up and running, but that´s actually perfect for me. Cause now I have some days to get used to spinning right side before I go to Keystone. in the beginning it was even uncomfertable looking over my right shoulder when I was skiing switch, so I guess it´s good to start small. It was a lot of fun though, sun was shining, my buddy Steffen Hamre was there, fast laps and good snow. not much more I can ask for.


mandag 29. november 2010

Shred´n breakfast

Shred' n Breakfast - Episode 7 from Shred' n Breakfast on Vimeo.

Season 2 premiere, Shred´n breakfast. pretty good!

The rumble didn´t go so good. I don´t know what happened, if i couldn´t handle the icy take off or if I just had a really bad day. I feel im getting mad just thinking about it so let´s just say that I did the three worst jumps I´ve done in probably 10 years and leave it at that.

Enjoy the episode.


fredag 26. november 2010

ready to rumble

Yesterday we had another session on the Jump. I haven´t done anything bigger than a 9 cause I can´t figure the jump out. I don´t know what it is, but the speed is really hard to get right. It´s qualifyers tonight. 32 skiers, 16 moves on to the finals. It´s hard to say how it´s gonna go for me since im not feeling to good on this jump. Hopefully I can figure it out and land 2 good tricks. The format is 3 jumps best 2 counts. Wish me good luck :)

I got my G11 camera yesterday so im just gonna upload some pics i took.

Is Sig Tveit and Alex turning to the other side ?

Jon showed me how to take pics with shutter speed and all that.

This is my proudest art work from last night. nice shot from the fireplace in the lobby.

Time to get ready for some skiing. Here we go!


torsdag 25. november 2010

Next level!

Since the format on my blog is a little weird I´ll leave the link for the video right here.

This shit is sick. Hope to see this is some edits soon. Would be awesome.
I guess it´s really hard to miss the shot:)


tirsdag 23. november 2010

Sweet Camp

A video from Trysil today.

Today was sick. we woke up early, skied for a bit, went back to the hotel and chilled till the night session was on. the park here is pretty sick. At least to be this early, a good park in Norway is pretty much unheard of before christmas/new years.

We got to try out the Big jump today, It seemed like a really good jump but it was hard to get to comfertable today cause it was a bit windy. But if the wind settle down I think shit will go down.

Tomorrow is another day. im waiting for a cannon G11 camera that I think will come tomorrow so I´ll try to give u some pics.


mandag 22. november 2010


Peak Performance King Of Style finals 2010 at Stadium Winterjam from Visualante on Vimeo.

found this vidoe of the finals on vimeo.

This weekend didn´t turn out to be as good as I hoped. Oscar told me saturday morning that I was up against Andreas in the first battle, so allready then I knew that it was a good chance that I was going out in the first run. And that´s exactly what happend. Andreas skied really well though, He just learned a new grab variation in practice. I guess it´s dub mute to octo or something crazy like that. So beeing beaten by Andreas wasen´t that huge of a dissapointment.

im gonna keep this short cause im just about to get in the car and drive to Trysil. The Sweet Rumble jump will be ready tomorrow so we get to session it all week. Being able to hit a jump on a real hill with real snow sure is gonna feel good right now.


torsdag 18. november 2010

Return of PK from Fri Flyt TV on Vimeo.

Filip made this video. A little edit that show´s you what i´ve being doing since I broke my neck.

Here´s a movie that Red Bull made from Budapest.

Im driving down to stockholm tomorrow with Lasse and Kim, qualification for the king of style starts at 5ish. hope we make it.
Today I took a wrong turn in a roundabout and didn´t realize that I had to turn around before I got a textmessage from Telenor (ATNT). ´Welcome to Norway, prizes for textmessage.........´ Yeah, im stupid. So, it´s not impossible for us to miss it tomorrow. I guess if the other guys stay awake we´ll be fine:)


onsdag 17. november 2010

Danny MacAskill

This is impresive!

Budapest - Elvdalen

5 min before the finals in Budapest begins

Lasse were'nt that happy that we went to the airport one day too early. We had to buy a new ticket since we booked the first one for monday, not sunday!

I drove to Kim's place in sweeden yesterday, I heard they had a pretty good jump so why not! The jump is very icy today and really not that good, so im just shooting the other guys for their new Shred'n breakfast episode. Coming soon!


fredag 12. november 2010


This is the only pic I managed to take today! Nice sunset over the town though.

Today was qualifyers, like yesterday the whole thing got delayed, but after a couple of hours it was practice time! Speed was an issue during practice. i made it over the knuckle, actually I landed sweetspot every time, but since the jump is so small we need to go a little bigger than that to have enough time to do your trick. At least I have to.
Of course they salted the inrun in between the practice and the qualification. Of course that was really good for me since I needed more speed, but it was kinda scary to do the first ten when I wasen't sure what the speed was like! I was the sixth person to drop, so I kinda got a feel of the speed by watching the people before me. I hear the starter calling my name, here we go, 5 seconds later im at the bottom riding out of a dub 10! After all the contests over the years u devolope a pretty good feel of what u have to do make it in to finals or win for that matter. After I landed the 10 and watching all the other guys in practice i was pretty much a 100% sure I was in the finals! I was right. Qualified third after Russ and Elias.

Tomorrow is semi-finals and finals. Three jumps, two best counts and the two jumps have to be different of course. This meaning that I have to land switch, this is something im not looking forward to. Im way more worried about the transition at the bottom than the trick itself! So tomorrow I can maybe place pretty good or get last place. Time will show!

Good night

torsdag 11. november 2010

Budapest - Fridge

Tourists in Budapest!

Red Bull is hooking us up big time down here. Today they took us to a ''thermal bath''. A place where they had like a million pools and other pimp shit like that!

Oscar really wanted to go for a massage, but we talked him out of it.

After the bath they took us to the oldest and pimpest resturant in Budapest. It was really ''expensive'', funny thing is that a main course was the same prize as a pizza in Norway! But you can't really compare anything to Norway though, Norway is way to expensive. This resturant was about 8 times more expensive than an regular resturant down here, and the food was amazing!

At 2 o'clock it was time for practice!

4 hours later it was on:) yeah, it got delayed quite a bit! The Jump was far from perfect and the landing was really soft. One guy managed to land switch cause of the transition at the bottom! Lolo Favre was the guy, he's stroooong! Hopefully they do what we told them to do for tomorrow and make it better.

Last I want to say to the ladies of Budapest, Ur HOT!! This is me falling in love with 9 dancer chicks, They were ok dancers as well:)

Good night!

tirsdag 9. november 2010

Home sweet home, good bye

I can feel now that im getting my old lifestyle back. Traveling all over the world, come home for a couple og days and then back at it! It's a little stressfull at times, living in a bag. But it's all worth it.

Winter is here in Norway. We don't have any natural snow yet but the temperature has dropped below zero so it's just a question of time. I did get to do some rails when I was home though. The Field Production rail jam came to Lillehammer this weekend. I knew I had no shot at even placing top 5, but it was fun, and really scary. Im more of a ''box-fun'' guy rather than single bar rails down stairs and crazy shit like that! Like I expected crazy good kids was throwing down all day. I found myself not being able to land any tricks in the final so I just took of my skis and helmet and watched the show, witch was crazy! I guess Wallisch was right, 450's is the new 270's.

At the afterparty a bunch of my friends from the band ''sixty pieces of gum'' was playing! Really funny to see them just going bananas on stage with car tires, christmas trees and a chainsaw!

Speaking of getting my old lifestyle back. Im on the train to the airport, im going to Budapest. It's another incity big air. I don't know if it's the first time they have it, I haven't heard about it before. Im pretty stoked to go Budapest, I never been before, I heard it's a really cool town and im there for 5 days so I actually have time to take a look around. Anyone been there before? Any tips of what I should go check out?


mandag 1. november 2010

London update and gym edit

Heming Vol. 174 from Shred' n Breakfast on Vimeo.

A gym edit from 3 weeks ago.

After a weekend in London I left the capital of England with a 7th place. Not a super good result, but after practice on saturday and sunday I have no choice to be happy with it. I had such bad practices that I seriously considered dropping out of the event. The jump was pretty small so I didn´t have time to get a grab on my 10. I kept landing on the second line in the landing witch was the sweet spot of the jump, but I had to go bigger if I wanted a chance to make it around. After a short break it was time for the first run to ty to qualify into semi-finals. I had nr 1 on my jersey and was the first one to drop. I tried to get as much speed as possible and what the starter on top forgot to tell me and shared with the rest of the guys right after I drop is that they have salted the inrun. As a result I landed like 5 feet past the last line in the landing.
of course I eat shit, but I landed my second run and made it thru. Semi-finals was head to head with 2 runs, best one counts. Kind of a weird format. I met PC Fosse in the first battle, He fell on both his runs so I made it thru to the top 8. Next up is Russ Henshaw. Im up first, I hit something on the take off but still manage to get it around to ten, A really bad ten tough. Russ falls on a sw dub 10. Second round, I do probably the best 10 of my weekend, and russ lands a sick sw dub 9. I get scored a 84, the same score as my first jump something I find a little weird, Russ get´s a 85 and moves on.
That was my experience of the London Freeze 2010. Not the best comp I´ve ever done, but I´ll take it.


lørdag 30. oktober 2010


Aleks looking fresh on the plane down to London!
Just arrived this beautifull city called London.

5 lost Norwegian boys on the airport, but we made it to the hotell!

It's about to go off! See ya


fredag 29. oktober 2010


I been in Hintertux without any internet for the last two weeks, that´s why I haven´t been able to update every day.

Hintertux was fun. didn´t get to do as much skiing as we wanted to. The first day was the best day we had, but the first day is always a warm up day. We got many sunny days, but the wind started picking up. We had to ski in a strong tail wind every day. It was skiable but a little sketchy, you could go big the first run and knuckle the next one.
Not the conditions you want to learn new tricks in.

Me stealing the rest of the remaining chips on the table. WINNER!!!

Since we didn´t have internet we had to do other things. My two main night activities was Poker and Ping Pong. The first week we lived with the Danish camp I went down to france to coach this summer. I did pretty good in poker and other than being crushed by a 12 year old in ping pong I did OK there as well.

The plan was to make an edit from Hintertux, but since we never got enough skiing and the lap time on the lift was pretty long we never got time.

Winter is getting close here in Norway and there is a railjam at the bottom of Hafjell today. I tried it out yesterday, 4 hour railsesh. So much fun. Wish I could be a part of the railjam today, but im going to Oslo and leaving for London Tomorrow.

To answer your question about HH. They kicked everybody, and by that I mean everybody. My contract expires in December so it looks like im going to start the new year without any clothing sponsor. So my 6-7 year relationship with HH is over.

witch clothing brand do you think would fit me ? and im not thinking of ´´fit´´ like the clothes are big enough. What brand comes to your mind when you think of me?


lørdag 16. oktober 2010

I know I suck

Hey guys, been a while!

Everytime I go home I quite blogging, that's beacause it's nothing to do at home, nothing to do = nothing to write about!

I'll give u a recap of what i've been up to when I did'nt play FIFA in my bed! Been to a couple of premiers. This is all of the guys before the Field and MSP premiere in Oslo! No more pics from that night, at least no one I can put up!

The day after I met up with Filip to do a interview.
We where both off our game, u can probably guess why. It also did'nt help that I think Filip is the funniest guy ever so I laugh every time I look at him. Filip seriously spent half an hour setting "the studio up", putting the camera on the tripod and a chair infront of it. Let's just say it did'nt go well. We got it done though...... sort of.

His girlfriend was kind enough to cook us some food, and we had a nice little dinner!

Entertainment is a must if u want to be a good host. Filip plugged in his Iphone in the stereo and ran thru is new I am T-pain songs, some of them was suprisingly good and really funny!

The last few weeks after that contained of more Boring days at home untill a couple of days ago.
Decided to go down to Hintertux, Austria. Wen't to Oslo a day before I left, went to a stand up show, did some gymnastics (edit coming soon) and I walked my friend's bad ass pit bull fight dogs!

Ok, maybe they aren't the badest of dogs, but they are really cute!

On our way down to Hinterux, Aleks Aurdal and Lasse Nyhaugen joined the trip!

We landed in munich, rented a car and went downtown munich! It's probably one the coolest citys in the world with a bunch of cool buildings and stuff like that...... That's the only pic I took! Im glad I did though, turned out to be the best meal I've ever had. If you ever go to munich, find 'Block steaks' and order a Rumpsteak! My mouth get's watery just thinking about it.

Time for bed, hopefully some skiing tomorrow.

God night.

fredag 1. oktober 2010

Wish I was there

Side By Side World Premiere from Field Productions on Vimeo.

Here´s a clip from the Field Productions premiere in Oslo. I was in Zurich that weekend but it looked awesome, I wish I was there. Allthough im really happy with my trip down to Zurich and getting fourth that video made me really want to be in Oslo that night.


on this link u can ask me anything u want, untill sunday!
it´s in Norwegian and u need a username and all that so it might be a little difficult for u english speaking people. I´ll answer all the questions on monday.


søndag 26. september 2010

Semi finals

Yaaaaaaaay! Fourth, that's good enough!
Got into finals, but looking at the other riders it dosen't look good for a podium spot!

Andreas, ambjuuuuul, Henrik and me in the finals!
2 Norwegians, 3 scandos! Pretty good!

Jacob killing it! Blogging all day, Jacobwester.com

Just got back from a signing sesh, an hour to finals!


Freestyle.ch day 2

I don't have a lot og time before we have to Get on the bus to the jump, so im just gonna bang out a quik one! Yesterday consisted of a lot of waiting, it was heavy rain all day, everything got delayed by two hours and wasen't 100% on! Eventually we had an hour practice. It was pretty much up to us the riders if we wanted to do qualifiers yesterday or if we should do
everything tomorrow! Did'nt look good at the beginning of the practice but then it dermed like everyone started to feel it so we went thru with it! Both me and Andreas qualified so we're stoked! I did my first dub 10 in forever, can't remember Last time I was that scared! Worked out fine though!

Last night was the crossover session. Top 8 from each sport did two jumps and then decided who was gonna be the four who would fight for the title! Since my jet lag kocked in a little late I was beat, I just wanted to do one thing and that was going to bed! I did'nt put up much of a fight to be in the last 4! Andreas, Simon, Elias and Tom was the ''lucky ones''. They killed it! We pretty much won every round! Wallisch won the whole thing and he deserved it! Sickest dub back and sw back i've vet seen!

the good thing was that everyone of the top 8 got 1000 bucks or something and if ur team won we got a coin og real gold! the good thing was that everyone of the top 8 got 1000 bucks or something and if ur team won we got a coin og real gold!

The last couple of days i've been invited to London Freeze, king of style and Red Bull playstreets! I've come to really apreciate invites after a year of doing no comps and any good at all! Pic above: red Bull playstreets invitation, pretty baller!

Now we're just waiting for the bus to take us over to the finals!


fredag 24. september 2010


Just coming back from NZ on wedensday I tried my best to beat the jet lag, and it worked! Fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 7ish both wedensday and thursday. As I've made my way down to Zurich I come to learn that the Jet lag witch I though I had beaten just was waiting for the right time to kick in!
As I lay in my bed in my hotel room at 6.30 and been up for 3
hours allready. In the darkness I can hear from the other side of the room that my roomate Mr. Håtveit is having a great night sleep!
Meanwhile Im just laying her with no batery on my mac and less than 10% on my Iphone waiting for the sun to rise and breakfast!

when we arrived Zurich we went thru the registration, got settled in our room and then hung out in the reception/bar! A lot of tired and jet lagged people was just sitting there, not even talking that much. Just trying as hard as they could to stay awake! At 6.30 we went to dinner with Red Bull, thanks for the amazing food.

At 10 there was a welcoming/rider intro party that we stoped by for like an hour! Everybody being tired went to bed at 11ish to try to be all rested up and fit for fight tomorrow! Myself im just gonna try to survive the day.

Before i Finish up this post and prepare to stare at the wall for 2 hours I just want to congratulate Elias Ambuhl getting on the Red Bull team just last night during dinner! Stoked for u and welcome to the family!


torsdag 23. september 2010

Home sweet home

After 37 relatively quik hours I found myself in Norway, Øyer, Home.
After a disasterous trip to NZ I can´t find any words that explaines how good it is to be home. 37 hours is a long time to travell alone but I have to say this trip was uneventfull and quik. I don´t think I waited on a airport more than an hour, witch is really good.
Immediatly after I got home and got something to eat. I went down to the golf course to play a tournement witch they host every wedensday. I won..... No big deal!!!

Alltough it´s really good to be home Im afraid the joy quikly comes to an end. Tomorrow I leave for Zurich, freeslyle.ch. Im looking forward to this event, It´s always a lot of fun, a bunch of spectators and a good show. Skiingvise I can´t say im completely ready. Since we only got 3 days of good skiing in NZ and on those days we only skied rails. I´ve have to say that my jumping game isen´t where it should be!