tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Juvass again

Drove home from juvass for the weekend. But now im back at Juvass! Even Sigstad witch is the parkshaper this year did some work on the jumps last night, and he did a great job! They got three sick jumps in a line and bunch of rails. All and all a really fun park! For me it's going well, My ankle is holding up just fine. Im trying my best not to push it and stick with the simple tricks so I don't mess it up again!

Im really bad at having my phone on me up here so I miss to document all the fun things we're doing up here. But usually after the hill it's either sk8ing, volleyball or soccer. We had a volleyball tournament yesterday and a soccer tournament today. Im happy to inform that my team (coaches) won both. Allthough I failed to take pics og this I got a pretty cool app called Hipstamatic
that turns photo's into a old school form!

Christopher Frankum getting a cup of coffee during the lunch break up at the glacier.

Ole Mustad looking like he has a migraine!

One of the snowboard coaches Martin Skogholt trying to look sexy!

That's about it.
Good night!

torsdag 24. juni 2010

Juvass 2

Today was a grey day on the glacier. We skied for a bit, judged a contest for the kids and then went down! To be honest I couldn't really ski that much cause my body was so sore, I guess you use alot of muscles skiing that you don't use in your average day!

I left my ignition on all they so this is the guys trying to get my car back to life! It worked, I made it back home. The forecast wasen't that good and I felt like my body could use the rest so I went home for the wekend. Driving back up on monday though.


tirsdag 22. juni 2010


I had my first day on skis in a while. Broke my collar bone like 4 months ago, and I twisted my ankle 3 weeks ago! That happened right after my collar bone healed up, just started to feel good again, started skating and doing all the active things I usually do. I was a happy man untill I twisted my ankle skateboarding. So now im trying out a new tactic. Instead of waiting for it to heal 100 % I'll just try to be active and push it back to health, not over push it though!

After a long day at the hill, myself, Daniel Ek, Andreas Wiig and Frode Sanbech fired up the grill and had the sickest BBQ ever!!

Perfect day on skis, only one thing to do to finish it off. BBQ and a couple of beers!

Andreas looking all viking while he's fireing up the grill!

New day tomorrow
Good night!

fredag 18. juni 2010

Miktape summer collection

Yesterday I went to the Mikstape summer collection release party. Mikstape is a clothing brand that a couple of my buddies started up. You can go to www.mikstape.com to check out their super fresh summerline! They only sell their clothes thru the website but they have a pop-up store at Tjuvholmen alle' 5. This is a good chance to go try the clothes on and buy some fresh tee's and hoodies! You should deffinately check it out. They have open saturday and Sunday only!!!

Me and the Mikstape brothers Gus and Nico Gyllenhammer!

YouTube Video
Arnfinn baar killing the dance circle!!

So if you have the chance to go to the store you should, if not you have to check their website out!


tirsdag 15. juni 2010

Technology reaches new levels

Came across these videos on youtube! Im just so amazed how far technology as come.



Came across this video on youtube! Im just so amazed how far technology as come.
And sorry for the lack of updates, I´ll get better from now on;)


onsdag 2. juni 2010


Back home! Trying to get back to training and all that stuff after my vacation in Spain. So to kick things off me and a buddy of mine decided to walk up to "the mountain torchman" you can see him in the photo above!

Martin on the top, exhausted!

The view from up there. Hey, you can see my house from here! Other than that I been skateboarding alot lately. Today I skated for 7.5 hours. No joke! Another session tomorrow!
Going to Oslo on Friday to do some apartment shopping.