fredag 28. august 2009

Wet wet wet!!

Wow. Im getting really tired of the rain. This has probably been the worst summer weathervise ever. I think I can count on one hand how many times I've just been outside and just enjoyed the Sun. Well, now the summer is pretty much over so no need to get mad about it now. Im going to Hawaii in October to visit two friends so I can just think about that.

Did you know that 99% of the animal species that ever lived on earth is extinct


-- Post From My iPhone

tirsdag 25. august 2009


As a big fan of the Transformers movies i found this movie very cool. If you showed up at a Halloween party with this outfit you'd be my hero for sure.

Check it out!!!

Awesome Halloween Costume - Watch more Funny Videos

I also have a new edition for my exiting blog.
Useless fact of the day!
Did you know, more people die eating sharks then getting eaten by them.


torsdag 20. august 2009

It's always snowing somewhere!

While Im here in rainy Norway I see that most of my skiing friends is on the other side of the globe tearing up the mountains of New Zealand. Seeing videos of a perfect winter park, I can feel that my feet are ready to get down in some skiboots. But I guess I just have to wait.

I want to congratulate Jossi Wells for 1. In pipe and Bobby Brown for 1. in slopestyle. Here's the videos.


Volkl NZ Freeski Open Slopestyle day. low res. from Jase Hancox BASKET PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.


Volkl NZ Freeski Open Superpipe from Jase Hancox BASKET PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

mandag 17. august 2009

Today I started my day out with a little trip to the gym, lifted some weights and 20 min on the bike. I usually do half an hour, but I have a cold so it was probably not a good idea to work out at all. After that I went home, watched a bunch of useless TV shows, made dinner for my mom and me, then went golfing. That was my exiting day!

This is the reason why I didn´t blog for a while, I don´t really have anything exiting to blog about. I feel like I have to entertain you somehow, so im gonna keep posting videos I see on the web.
I saw this a while ago, and it´s a pretty popular video on youtube so most of you have probably seen it already. If you have, it dosen´t hurt to see it again. If you haven´t, you gonna loose some if not all of the respect for women behind the wheel;)
Sorry ladies!


lørdag 15. august 2009

Another B-day

Today I went down to my private hairdresser (my aunt). After my haircut I pretty Much just chilled the rest of the day, now im having some beers with my buddy's. This is the last weekend before everybody goes out living their own lifes, school, work And all the other boring stuff. Tonight happens to be another buddy og mine 25's birthday. So we're gonna link up with him a little later and celebrate him.

I have another link for you today.
The snowboarders are steppin' it up this year for sure!
Check out shaun white throwing back 2 back doubles.
Im looking forward to watching it live at the X-games next year.


fredag 14. august 2009

Halfway to 50

Hey guys!

Im gonna try to give you a small post whenever I can. Right now im on a visit to my big sister, she turned 25 yesterday but she dosen't look a day older than 24 and a half!
I got here right after my workout so im sitting here watching everybody stuffing delicious looking stuff in their mouth, but I put myself on a diet like 2 weeks ago so I have to keep my hands on my Iphone.
The rest of the night I'll either go bowling or play BJ (blackjack) with my buddy's.


mandag 10. august 2009

iPhone 3Gs

Hey guys!

I broke my cellphone like 5 days ago, so today I thought I would give an iPhone one more try. I had one a year back but I got a little tired of it, now when I have it in my hands again I have to say.... It's a pretty cool phone. I also thought it would be good for my blogging career! when I do stuff, and random things happen I can just pick up my phone and tell you about it. The only thing that's a little weird is that I can't take a pic and upload it straight from the phone. It should work, perhaps im just to stupid to figure out how to do it. If you have an iPhone and know how to solve my problem help would be much appreciated.

I came across a bmx video on YouTube the other day that just blew my mind, you have to check it out. The last trick is retarded, some kind of rodeo/misty thing. Check it.