søndag 26. september 2010

Semi finals

Yaaaaaaaay! Fourth, that's good enough!
Got into finals, but looking at the other riders it dosen't look good for a podium spot!

Andreas, ambjuuuuul, Henrik and me in the finals!
2 Norwegians, 3 scandos! Pretty good!

Jacob killing it! Blogging all day, Jacobwester.com

Just got back from a signing sesh, an hour to finals!


Freestyle.ch day 2

I don't have a lot og time before we have to Get on the bus to the jump, so im just gonna bang out a quik one! Yesterday consisted of a lot of waiting, it was heavy rain all day, everything got delayed by two hours and wasen't 100% on! Eventually we had an hour practice. It was pretty much up to us the riders if we wanted to do qualifiers yesterday or if we should do
everything tomorrow! Did'nt look good at the beginning of the practice but then it dermed like everyone started to feel it so we went thru with it! Both me and Andreas qualified so we're stoked! I did my first dub 10 in forever, can't remember Last time I was that scared! Worked out fine though!

Last night was the crossover session. Top 8 from each sport did two jumps and then decided who was gonna be the four who would fight for the title! Since my jet lag kocked in a little late I was beat, I just wanted to do one thing and that was going to bed! I did'nt put up much of a fight to be in the last 4! Andreas, Simon, Elias and Tom was the ''lucky ones''. They killed it! We pretty much won every round! Wallisch won the whole thing and he deserved it! Sickest dub back and sw back i've vet seen!

the good thing was that everyone of the top 8 got 1000 bucks or something and if ur team won we got a coin og real gold! the good thing was that everyone of the top 8 got 1000 bucks or something and if ur team won we got a coin og real gold!

The last couple of days i've been invited to London Freeze, king of style and Red Bull playstreets! I've come to really apreciate invites after a year of doing no comps and any good at all! Pic above: red Bull playstreets invitation, pretty baller!

Now we're just waiting for the bus to take us over to the finals!


fredag 24. september 2010


Just coming back from NZ on wedensday I tried my best to beat the jet lag, and it worked! Fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 7ish both wedensday and thursday. As I've made my way down to Zurich I come to learn that the Jet lag witch I though I had beaten just was waiting for the right time to kick in!
As I lay in my bed in my hotel room at 6.30 and been up for 3
hours allready. In the darkness I can hear from the other side of the room that my roomate Mr. Håtveit is having a great night sleep!
Meanwhile Im just laying her with no batery on my mac and less than 10% on my Iphone waiting for the sun to rise and breakfast!

when we arrived Zurich we went thru the registration, got settled in our room and then hung out in the reception/bar! A lot of tired and jet lagged people was just sitting there, not even talking that much. Just trying as hard as they could to stay awake! At 6.30 we went to dinner with Red Bull, thanks for the amazing food.

At 10 there was a welcoming/rider intro party that we stoped by for like an hour! Everybody being tired went to bed at 11ish to try to be all rested up and fit for fight tomorrow! Myself im just gonna try to survive the day.

Before i Finish up this post and prepare to stare at the wall for 2 hours I just want to congratulate Elias Ambuhl getting on the Red Bull team just last night during dinner! Stoked for u and welcome to the family!


torsdag 23. september 2010

Home sweet home

After 37 relatively quik hours I found myself in Norway, Øyer, Home.
After a disasterous trip to NZ I can´t find any words that explaines how good it is to be home. 37 hours is a long time to travell alone but I have to say this trip was uneventfull and quik. I don´t think I waited on a airport more than an hour, witch is really good.
Immediatly after I got home and got something to eat. I went down to the golf course to play a tournement witch they host every wedensday. I won..... No big deal!!!

Alltough it´s really good to be home Im afraid the joy quikly comes to an end. Tomorrow I leave for Zurich, freeslyle.ch. Im looking forward to this event, It´s always a lot of fun, a bunch of spectators and a good show. Skiingvise I can´t say im completely ready. Since we only got 3 days of good skiing in NZ and on those days we only skied rails. I´ve have to say that my jumping game isen´t where it should be!


søndag 19. september 2010

Close but no cigar

After a 5 star dinner with the Mcdougals (family we are staying with) last night we got a phone call from Jon. He said we had a window of good weather coming in so we decided to give the jump on last shot. We were determined to give it our best and get something done so we didn´t leave NZ completely emty handed. This is probably my fourth time in my life waxing my skis, at least that I can remember. It was an interesting/boring experience
Thnx to Bruce Wells for the wax and the quik waxing lesson.

We got up at 6 AM, went up to the hill, sat in the lodge for like 2 hours cause the ski patrol had to bomb the hill for avalanches. When we finally got on the second lift to go to the jump, our good spirit was chrushed like a water mellon hitting a chick in the face after a slingshot backfire. It was so windy, I actually can´t belive they opened the lift in those conditions. At that point we were pretty much ready to go down, but we had to ski by the jump anyways and it turned out that a big ridge sheltered it from the wind so it wasen´t that bad at all. The big problem was that every minute a huge gust would make it´s way to the jump and that´s pretty much the most sketchy conditions to ski in. Every wind condition is fine as long as it´s consistent. Getting a huge gust right in your face on the take off is not exactly what you are looking for hitting a jump of this size, especially when speed is allready an issue. Alltough it was terrible conditions Jon maned up and hit it first. He overshot by.... probably 10 meters. he was fine though. I maned up after a couple of more speed checks and landed mid knuckle, second time I went a little further but still knuckled. Colby did the smart thing and just said ´´fuck it´´cause he couldn´t really get speed. Jon hit it a couple of more times until the wind caught him and landed him on the knuckle as well. So once again, this shoot and NZ gives once again a huge dissapointment.

Colby got so tired of facebook on this trip that he started a blog.
www.cjwest.tumblr.com Check it out!!!!

It´s our last day today, and we were hoping to get one last skiable day before we went our seperate ways, but no dice. havy rain outside today.


lørdag 18. september 2010

New zealand trip - fail

A couple of days ago... I guess 4-5 days ago, not really keeping track of days and dates down here. We went up to Treble Cone to shoot Jon´s kicker. 6 AM wake up, raced the sun up to the hill and made it up to a beautifull sunrise. Everything was looking good.

Two stoked guys ready to sesh.

Something that´s starting to be an ugly habit, Jon showed up in a Helicopter. So we took pics so we would look cool to..

After probably a hundred speed checks we finaly pulled the plug. What was starting out as a perfect session fast became an utter dissapointment. Due to new really slow snow we didn´t get speed. no one of us didn´t even try it. It was kinda funny, after 5 hours of speed checking, trying to get the speed to get over the gap. We figured out that if we´re only trying to make it over the gap it´s not worth it to try cause we still had like 10 meters left to the landing. So basicly we called it a day.

So since that seemed to be the only window with nice weather. It looked pretty dark for the rest of this trip. When we found out that the biggest storm on the planet we´re coming in we decided to try to get the hell out of here. That didn´t work so we been stuck indoors since then. we did manage to get some tennis in though.

Wanna go home!


torsdag 16. september 2010

Watermellon slam

Watermellons are pretty god damn hard! this had to hurt pretty bad!

mandag 13. september 2010

TC Kicker

Mr. Jon Olsson was kind enough to invite me to session the kicker that he´s building here in TC, NZ. So I went up there to meet up with him and finishing buliding the kicker.
We didn´t get it all done, but after one more day of building tomorrow it will be all set. What we come to expect after all these years is if Jon put´s his name on a jump it´s pretty much going to be a perfect jump, And this one is no exception. It´s a 25 meter from kicker to knuckle and a 3 meter step up! It´s big, but it looks like a lot of fun.

You can also see it´s a pretty banger backdrop!

Krill pretends to be cold but really he´s just a little camera shy.

There was these really cool birds called ´´Kia´´. I tried to get a cool shot but it didn´t work out that well. They are really cool though, they look like parrots and when they spread their wings you see a bunch of colors.

Up early tomorrow for a session at Cardrona and then back up to TC to get the kicker done!


fredag 10. september 2010

Airbag fun

Airbag fun from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

We hit the Airbag a couple of days ago! Alltough it was really small it was a lot of fun. Hit it like 6 times then we got kinda over it cause you had to huck everything you had to do doubles. I did a double flat, that didn´t work out that well,
a switch Bio 9. Belive it or not I never done that before, at least not on purpose. Turns out that trick is really simple. I did land on my skis on the airbag though, something I don´t reccomend, I just flew right over the aribag and landed on my head on the other side. I also did a sw double, you can see my second try on the clip above and it felt pretty good, just a little to small to make it all the way around.

Backseat bitches. Stack, Little Beau Wells and Drew.
I haven´t been able to document these last couple of days beacause I lost my phone. But turns out I just left it at Jossi´s house and he found it. So stoked, my trip back to Norway would suck without my iphone.

This is just some photo´s that we happened to take trying to figure out the Go Pro.

Stack getting a lucky shot trying to turn on the camera!

torsdag 9. september 2010

Golf in Queenstown

Looks like it´s gonna be another down day here in NZ.
woke up to grey skys and rain splashing on the window. The last couple of days
actually been prety good though. Yesterday we tried out the airbag up at Snowpark, the jump was pretty small so we could barely get any doubles around but it was fun.
Since it seems like there´s alot of time to kill outside of skiing here in Wanaka,
we been golfing and playing tennis alot.

Queenstown golfing from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Here´s a short video of us golfing!
We got tired of filming and sucked into to the game so it´s pretty short.


søndag 5. september 2010

Wanaka, NZ

Soooo, been a while! Let's just call it a summer vacation and skip the excuses;p

After a beautiful flight in to Queenstown and a 45 minute drive I found myself in Wanaka! Been her for 2 days and I have cabin fever allready! The weather hasen't been that great so me and my roomate, Mr Colby J West have spent many hours infront of our computers!

Computer time, and not to happy about it.

We flew over Cardrona on our way in, you can see the resort on the top left side! Looks like they had a pretty nice day.

We picked up Drew ''fatman'' lederer today, he will be our filmer for the next couple of weeks! So hopefully if the weather get's better we can spit out some edits!

Allthough the weather sucks it seems like we came at the right time!