torsdag 3. desember 2009

19 is no age for braces

Since sunday I've been really sick, but today I fellt good and got my 2nd day on skiis. It was frustrating to get back on my skis and then have to take another break. I was looking forward to the second day cause after my first day my neck got a little sore, so I was woundering if it was something wrong back there or just a muscle that haven't been to work for a while. Im happy now, lying in my bed The neck feels great. Skiing again tomorrow, new day new opportunities. Im taking it slow, day by day, but I can feel im getting back into it.

I was walking down the streets of Lillehammer today and suddenly I ran into a friend of mine that reminded me why I don't do streetrails anymore. This is Kim Boberg with croocked teeth and braces. He tried to do a wooden dub kink with the flat removed, I don't know exactly how that went but it's not that hard to pitchure. It's not nice to laugh but it's really hard to not:) seriosly though, I feel really bad for my dear Kim. He looked like shit!!!!


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3 kommentarer:

  1. Nasty picture!
    Hope he will be all right!

  2. Mind if you post a picture of your friend? Well, I have other friends who also have braces. The way they look, well according to their Tucson, AZ dentists, depends on their teeth cases. Well, I laugh on some as well. But they really look better after consulting some Tucson dentist for braces! hahaha!

  3. OMG! I'm laughing my ass out right now. Sorry. Haha! He could have just considered invisalign. This reminds me of my friend back in Los Angeles. Kim looks nice, though. The photo is just... ugh.. hilarious.