søndag 29. november 2009


macarena from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Me and my buddy Jonny went for some gynastics last week. Pretty sonn You´ll see a edit from that. Here´s a taste!!

First day of skiing

Yesterday I had my first day on skis since my injury, it's been a long time but I guess skiing is like riding a bike. You never forget. I took it very slow And easy though, did some straight airs on the tiny jump And I did some railslides. I mostly focused on enjoying the fresh air and my sharp edges cutting the snow for some nice turns. My neck fellt good but I feel today that there's some muscles back there that need som work. Now im sick again so I did'nt get to ski today, im going to the doctor tomorrow to try to figure out what's wrong with me.


fredag 27. november 2009

King Of Style

yeah yeah! I know I wasen´t the best gossip boy. It became really hard when my Iphone 3G didn´t want to connect with the internet over there. But I can write about my weekend.

I started the weekend by going to Henrik Windstedt´s premiere of his movie ´Éxploded view´´ The movie is about Henrik´s season as he travels the world competeing and shooting. It was cool to see how he looks at things and how he´s mind works before, during and after competitions. That´s a side of a skier you rarely see. Another highlight from the movie was, (can´t remember his name) a french snowboarder that Henrik skis with trying to make his way down a face on his board. When the whole face and with that I mean the ENTIRE face breaks making the biggest avalanch I´ve ever seen. You can see Henrik in chock. I remember me thinking: That have to be the worst experience ever to witness a friend die right infront of you. They find him like 1-2 KM down the valley amazingly without serious injuries. that just blew my mind. Check it out!!!!

Nice rail set up for the kids to play.

Andreas won! I have to say I usually don´t take that much joy watching other people win, but this time was different. I got such a good feeling when Andreas got crowned The King Of Style!!! Norway representin´. have to give some props to Phil Casabon as well, He´s switch ten is the sickest switch ten I´ve ever seen.
The afterparty was GREAT, unfortunatly I can´t say anything about that out of respect for my buddy´s ;)

Tomorrow´s a big day, my first day on skis in 7 months and 24 days.
Im stooooked, starting easy though, im just gonna do some carving. maybe a railslide or two!

Good Night!

onsdag 18. november 2009


I can see that the two big questions everybody´s woundering is when im back on my skis so im gonna write down my schedule for the next month.
First I want to say that my neck feels really good, and I feel ready to get back on my skis. After 15 hours in the gym doing gymnastics I can´t see that im not ready. I had some pretty bad necktwisting falls and I didn´t feel anything. In my book that´s a sign that im good to go.

Im going to Stockholm for the Winterjam on Friday, im not skiing though. I might be ready to ski but im not ready to walk narrow stairs 50 meters up, strap on my skis, drop in on the 1 meter wide inrun and hit a incity jump. Im just going to hang out and meet my buddy´s that I haven´t seen for 8 months. Im really looking forward to that and Stockholm is a really cool town so I bet it will be sick as every year.
Next week I think I´ll go home and strap my skis on, do some carves and just get the feel of the snow and everything. After that I´ll go vistit my man Andreas Håtveit, see how married life is working out for him, he´s also building a jump as we speak so im hoping that will be the place I can get the feel and my tricks back. As far as my first contest goes Im really not sure, I just have to see how terrible my skiing is, maybe I´ll go to the first Dew tour stop in Breck maybe not. I don´t see the point of traveling that far for a contest you don´t feel ready for. We´ll see.

As I said Im going to stchlm on friday. I just finished watching Gossip Girl season 2. I´ll be walking around the arena in Stockholm figuring out who´s hot and who´s not, and what´s going on in the VIP lounge and all that, I´ll be your little Gossip Boy for the weekend;) so be sure to check back in.


søndag 15. november 2009

Neck Test!

This weekend was good, fun and really Hard. Im currently lying in my bed at my apartment in Oslo. My entire body is so sore you have no idea. I can barely walk, barely bend over, actually every movement I do with my body hurts. I guess that´s what you get from spending the last 7 months on the couch and then jumping in again pretending like your on the top of your game! Either way it was a really informative weekend about my neck. This weekend was the first National gathering ever, we spent our time doing gymnastics, The first day the only thing on my agenda was just to maybe try a backflip or two on the trampoline. I did a couple of them and my neck felt perfect so I couldn´t help my self. I haven´t been upside down in 7 months and with all my buildt up energy, before I knew what was going on I had been jumping around doing flips and dub flips on the trampoline and the tumbling for 5 hours. I got a little worried after the work out, cause my neck got really sore and it kinda hurt to look up and things like that. The day after, day 2. I found out that I wasen´t the only one who had some neckproblems, and after a 40 min warm up my neck was good to go again. The gymnastics we did this weekend felt like it´s harder on your neck than skiing so I guess with a bit more training on my neck I think im good to ski again, and I have to say Im looking forward to it !!!!

Foto: Andreas Storm Fausko

Here´s a photo from when I was running over the tumbling and I hear: PK! POSE. My modelinstinct took over and we got a pretty cool bluesteel/edward cullen/twilight kinda shot:) More photo´s and video is comming my way so I´ll be sure to update that as soon as I can!


fredag 13. november 2009

Living in Oslo


The season is closing in, snow starts fallin, Cold weather And a bunch of pre season railedits confirms that. And that is the reason why im living in Oslo, Red Bull hooked me up with an apartment for November so I could do the finishing touches with my neck at Olympiatoppen. That's the best training facilities And where all of the national teams work out before the season. Of course, when I was really set on working hard and be searious for a while I get Sick, I think maybe I caught some of that infamous svineflu. I had it for 5 days And im feeling better today so I'll be ok.

More news: my old NTG coach, Pål gulliksen has developed a national twin tip team. That's great news, always good to have someone behind your back and maybe the norwegian population will take our sport more seriously.

Luckely for me my buddy Jonny got sick when I got sick. So we been playing FIFA 10 all day everyday!!

If I make it to the national team gathering tomorrow I'll shoot some pics and show you how it works.


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onsdag 4. november 2009

Good Morning Norway

Hey guys!

Im currently sitting in the waiting room at TV 2 about to go on a talk show called Good Morning Norway. The time is 6.50 am so it truely is Morning, I don't know if it's good though. A little to early forme to call it a good morning.

Filip in make up!!

Good morning to you all, peace