fredag 27. mars 2009

Laax super edit!

When I went to Laax for the european open about a week ago.
I arrived the little town and had no idea where I was staying.
I went up to a hotel called Riders Palace, thats usually where
everybody is staying. I couldn´t find anybody in the lobby
so I went out and enjoyed the warm sun.
After 5 minutes into my tanning sesh Jacob and LJ walked by.
They were going to a rail setup at the bottom of the hill,
I had nothing better to do so I dragged my ski bag and my bag
up to the rail set up, got my ski gear on and then the session was on.
I just realized yesterday that I actually have some shot´s from that.
I just put my camera on my packback and after a while it got really dark.
Not the best shots so I didn´t think it was even worth editing.
Here it is.

laax from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

torsdag 26. mars 2009

JOSS day 4 or 5, not really sure

Today was pretty much a rerun of yesterday.
bad weather, night session on the ´´trick buster´´
got my edges done so I skied a bit better today, not completely
happy but we managed to get some cool shot´s.
yeah, that´s about it. Tomorrow sweet rumble starts, or practice
that is, saturday is Sweet rumble and we leave to Åre on
sunday morning. So Joss in Trysil is pretty much over.

onsdag 25. mars 2009

Let´s fly to the moon..... or not

parra from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

one of Jon´s take off attempts

JOSS day 3 ?

Just got done with a night session on the ¨mini JOI jump¨.
It was a good session, some people were destroying it,
some people struggled a bit. Downside, I was one of the people
who struggled. Upside, Andreas was the main destroyer
So it equaled out a bit.
The thing was that the take off was really really icy,
so the people with good edges handled the take off well.
people like me with no edges had no chance of getting
any spin out of the jump. alltough I had some problems.
like I said Andreas destroyed it, and got many shot´s from
the paraglider that his brother was flying and shooting from
at the same time.

Yesterday we had what seems to be the only sunny day we´ll get here in Trysil.
So we had a session on the Jump/hip (no pic, sorry).Again Andreas Hero of the
day. We got up to the hip and the landing was pure ice.
Mr. Olsson tested it out and when he landed it looked like his knees were about
to explode. almost everybody went back down, but Andreas being the viking
that he is, grew a extra set of balls and threw a sick flatspin.
The shot´s from that turned out to be really sick.
Jon Håtveit was flying over him that time as well.

To sum up, I think team Norway is doing pretty good.
the plan for tomorrow is probably do something urban since the weather
is not cooperating with us at all, and we´ll probably do another night session.
that´s where im planing my Comeback.


mandag 23. mars 2009

First JOSS shot

So yesterday night at 11 we decided to go out
and do something...... unfortunately I can´t tell
you what we did. I can tell you this though, we did something
that I never been a huge fan of, either doing or watching.
actually that was the first time for both me and Andreas to hit a
wallride, Yeah I told you. I went up to the lobby and i guess the
word travels fast around here. everybody knows.
hit that wall until 5 am last night and we´re getting up at 5
tomorrow to session a jump. tomorrow seems to be the only
sun day this week. so tomorrow is the day to get shit done.

Good night.

søndag 22. mars 2009

Long time no blog

Sorry for the lack of updates these past weeks.
I arrived Trysil for JOSS today, Im gonna try to keep you updated
on what my team is doing everyday.
if you didn´t know my team is:
Andreas Håtveit
Filip Christensen
Jon Håtveit
Thomas Kleiven

Im stoked on the team, I think we have a great opertunity to produce
a really good segment. so Im gonna keep you up to date of what´s going
on, unfortunately I can´t tell you everything, cause we can´t let
the other team find out what we´re doing all this time.
the weather forecast dosen´t look that good for this week
so we have to find alternative ways to get some good shot´s,
therefore I can´t tell you evereything


tirsdag 10. mars 2009


Got back from Trysil a couple of days ago.
haven´t been doing much at home, just chilling.
I lost my Cellphone that´s pretty much what I´ve
done since I got back. It´s been snowing a lot so
haven´t felt for going up to the hill.
But tomorrow the forecast says sun, nothing like shredding
at your home mountain so Im stoked.

I got a surprise for you guys.
I put together a edit from me and Jossi´s day in Northstar.
Colby, Byron and TJ has a couple of shots in there also.

here you go !!!

Untitled from PK Hunder on Vimeo.
Song: Juelz santana - clockwork

torsdag 5. mars 2009



I´ve spent my last three days in Trysil.
haven´t got much done due to really bad weather,
we have had a couple of short fun days in the park
and one night session on Jon´s jump.
we have to hit it at night cause the weather (light) is really bad
and supposedly it´s gonna stay bad for a while.
we had our first and only session last night,
go to for video.
As far as the jump goes it is really fun, it could be a bit bigger
but Jon knows what his doing. Cause the jump can´t really
be any bigger without getting massive speed issues.
It´s a really good jump to just play around with and try new stuff.

Me, Oscar and Andreas had fun in the completely whiteout conditions
today, and I made a little edit for you guys.
still ripping that worthless piece of crap Imove 08 or what it is.
so Not much editing really. oh yeah, Oscar made me use that song!!!


Trysil from PK Hunder on Vimeo.