lørdag 30. oktober 2010


Aleks looking fresh on the plane down to London!
Just arrived this beautifull city called London.

5 lost Norwegian boys on the airport, but we made it to the hotell!

It's about to go off! See ya


fredag 29. oktober 2010


I been in Hintertux without any internet for the last two weeks, that´s why I haven´t been able to update every day.

Hintertux was fun. didn´t get to do as much skiing as we wanted to. The first day was the best day we had, but the first day is always a warm up day. We got many sunny days, but the wind started picking up. We had to ski in a strong tail wind every day. It was skiable but a little sketchy, you could go big the first run and knuckle the next one.
Not the conditions you want to learn new tricks in.

Me stealing the rest of the remaining chips on the table. WINNER!!!

Since we didn´t have internet we had to do other things. My two main night activities was Poker and Ping Pong. The first week we lived with the Danish camp I went down to france to coach this summer. I did pretty good in poker and other than being crushed by a 12 year old in ping pong I did OK there as well.

The plan was to make an edit from Hintertux, but since we never got enough skiing and the lap time on the lift was pretty long we never got time.

Winter is getting close here in Norway and there is a railjam at the bottom of Hafjell today. I tried it out yesterday, 4 hour railsesh. So much fun. Wish I could be a part of the railjam today, but im going to Oslo and leaving for London Tomorrow.

To answer your question about HH. They kicked everybody, and by that I mean everybody. My contract expires in December so it looks like im going to start the new year without any clothing sponsor. So my 6-7 year relationship with HH is over.

witch clothing brand do you think would fit me ? and im not thinking of ´´fit´´ like the clothes are big enough. What brand comes to your mind when you think of me?


lørdag 16. oktober 2010

I know I suck

Hey guys, been a while!

Everytime I go home I quite blogging, that's beacause it's nothing to do at home, nothing to do = nothing to write about!

I'll give u a recap of what i've been up to when I did'nt play FIFA in my bed! Been to a couple of premiers. This is all of the guys before the Field and MSP premiere in Oslo! No more pics from that night, at least no one I can put up!

The day after I met up with Filip to do a interview.
We where both off our game, u can probably guess why. It also did'nt help that I think Filip is the funniest guy ever so I laugh every time I look at him. Filip seriously spent half an hour setting "the studio up", putting the camera on the tripod and a chair infront of it. Let's just say it did'nt go well. We got it done though...... sort of.

His girlfriend was kind enough to cook us some food, and we had a nice little dinner!

Entertainment is a must if u want to be a good host. Filip plugged in his Iphone in the stereo and ran thru is new I am T-pain songs, some of them was suprisingly good and really funny!

The last few weeks after that contained of more Boring days at home untill a couple of days ago.
Decided to go down to Hintertux, Austria. Wen't to Oslo a day before I left, went to a stand up show, did some gymnastics (edit coming soon) and I walked my friend's bad ass pit bull fight dogs!

Ok, maybe they aren't the badest of dogs, but they are really cute!

On our way down to Hinterux, Aleks Aurdal and Lasse Nyhaugen joined the trip!

We landed in munich, rented a car and went downtown munich! It's probably one the coolest citys in the world with a bunch of cool buildings and stuff like that...... That's the only pic I took! Im glad I did though, turned out to be the best meal I've ever had. If you ever go to munich, find 'Block steaks' and order a Rumpsteak! My mouth get's watery just thinking about it.

Time for bed, hopefully some skiing tomorrow.

God night.

fredag 1. oktober 2010

Wish I was there

Side By Side World Premiere from Field Productions on Vimeo.

Here´s a clip from the Field Productions premiere in Oslo. I was in Zurich that weekend but it looked awesome, I wish I was there. Allthough im really happy with my trip down to Zurich and getting fourth that video made me really want to be in Oslo that night.


on this link u can ask me anything u want, untill sunday!
it´s in Norwegian and u need a username and all that so it might be a little difficult for u english speaking people. I´ll answer all the questions on monday.