søndag 28. desember 2008

Home sweet Home

I've been home for christmas for 5 days now and I have to say I love it.
My home resort Hafjell has never been this good ever. So im really enjoying being home. I love christmas cause this is almost the only time I get to be home for over a week during winter, and christmas is very cosy in general.

chillin in my living room watching south park weekend on MTV.
Im a huge south park fan, probably seen every episode in season 1-11 10 times each.
If you see the man running on the mountain with a torch in the background, They made that for the Olympics we had back in 1994. it's pretty sick...... I guess.

Not much more to say, im buying a Mac tonight, a plainticket to Boston for the second stop Dew Tour and a camera so I can put some edits up here.
talking about edits, Me and Even Sigstad took one of fieldproductions cameras up to the hill today, we're shooting tomorrow to, so hopefully you will get an happy new years edit in a couple of days.


fredag 19. desember 2008

Dew Tour is over - Back to Norway

Im in Boulder right now at Willis and Clarke's place, im staying here for the night because tomorrow im going home. I am relly looking forward to coming home, can't belive it's christmas eve in 2 days. I have absolutely no christmasspirit at all.
So, comming home to Norwegian food, friends, family and my home resort is going to be awesome. Breck and Keystone may have the best parks in the world, but there's nothing like skiing in your home resort.

We had Slope finals two days ago for the Dew tour. We've been very unfortunate with the weather during this whole comp, and yesterday was no exception. windy, snowy and very very very cold. I had my camera with me, but it was way to cold for me to take off my glove and take pics.
to sum of the Event:
1. Bobby Brown
2. Jossi Wells
3. Henrik Harlaut
4. Me

Now im going to say what I think about that. And it's important that you all know that I was not completely happy with my run and I didn't expect to get any better than that. So I just going to say what I mean.
Allright, there's 4 thinks you shouldn't do and should do in a slopestyle run.
You should show that you can spin both ways.
You can't have any NOGRABS.
You can't have any handdrags or backseatlandings.
and you shouldn't revert, reverting isen't the worst thing you can do but it should hurt your score a littlebit.

sooo, since Bobby did 3 out of 4, in my mind Jossi should have won by far. that's my opinion, you can dissagree as much as you want, but im gonna explain how I look at it.

First rail:
Bobby: 450, that's probably the most basic ''hard trick'' you can do on a kinkbox
Jossi: sw 630, Much harder than a 450 on 270 out.
first jump:
Bobby: sw misty 10, very nice
Jossi: cab 10, not completely perfect, but it's a very hard trick.
Second jump:
Bobby: sw double knee grab, on www.jon-olsson.com can you see that he's not even trying to grab at all. He's clearly just hucking a dub.
Jossi: sw 10 japan, a nice sw 10 japan.
Third jump:
Bobby: Kangerooooo, very nice.
Jossi: sw 9, very nice.
Last Rail:
Bobby: misty 5 out.
Jossi: 630 out.

I thought we had come to a point in skiing that we had to have an unnatural spin in a run, and I definitely thought that No grabs were completely unacceptable.
In my eyes it is unaccepteable. You shouldn't even be near the podium with a run without a unnatural spin and a nograb trick.

Jossi should have won.

see you in Norway

onsdag 17. desember 2008

Dew Tour Qual

Yesterday we had the Dew Tour Qualifiers. Honestly I wasen't that happy by the fact that I had to qualify, but I really had no choice.

Day started early. Me, Oscar Sherlin and Willis Brown had to be at the registration office at 7 am, we woke up at like 6.55. We ruhed to the registration office and did all the paperwork and then rushed to the hill, we made really good time and with the delay all comps have we had to wait about 30 min in the start gate.

Like you can see the conditions wasen't perfect, it was windy and completely whiteout. we had like 3 hours of Practice witch actually was really good, we got alot of runs in. Jumps were pretty much close to perfect but most of us had some speed issues for the third jump. I think I cleared it like 2 or 3 times of all my runs. Practice ended so all the people in the second heat got to wait for 2.5 hours in the lounge. The weather was super bad, and we could see almost all of the riders having som problems at some point in their runs.

When it was time for my heat the weather actually got alot better, still not the best light you can get and still some wind gusts here and there but much better than the conditions for heat 1.
After all my competitions i've been in after all these years I pretty much know what you have to do if you want to qualify. It's so many people just hucking their best tricks they know how to do, and that's not that smart when you really can't see the take off or the landings and you have a storm pretty much just throwing you around in the air.
So I pretty much did the easiest run I could have done.

I did:
270 on 270 out
cab 7
sw 9
blindside 270 out

actually a very easy run, but I knew what I had to do.
just so you know how much control I actually have.
When me and Oscar got home from the hill we guessed what place we got.
I guessed that I got 5th place and Oscar guessed that he got 7th.
Sure enough I got 5th place and Oscar thinks he's better than he is so he was one off. He got 8th.

We have prelims tomorrow. Im not sure, but I think 12 of us moves on to the finals.

-wish me good luck-

søndag 14. desember 2008


Me, Oscar and Josh were looking to have some fun today, so we decided to switch our gear up.Josh on skis, me and Oscar on snowboard. We fell alot but we still had alot of fun.Not much have happend really. tonight we're going to the gym to play some squash, ping pong and baketball. I'll try to take pics and some videos.
There's also gonna be an edit from our epic day snowboarding.


Ironcross claim

Oscar haven't brushed histeeth for like 5 days

torsdag 11. desember 2008


If you watched the video of luke you probably know that im in keystone for the moment.
Been riding rails and the small jumpline for the past week. The jumps aren't big enough to do
the big tricks like 10's and 12's but it's really fun. And it's good to be on your skis without any comp presure or a camera pointed at you at all time. It's nice to be able to do whatever you want. I have been working alot on my cab spins and by cab I mean switch rightside. For all you guys who call it switch rightside, start calling it cab. much easier.
The rumour has it that two of the jumps in the bigline gonna be done and ready for skiing
tomorrow. I was a little worried that I didn't get to ski some big jumps before the Dew Tour witch starts the 18th. Hopefully tomorrow will be sick, like Luke said. Everybody is here, working on their tricks and the level of the skiing that goes down at the hill is very high.
Oh yeah, im waiting for a headcam. Don't know know how that's gonna work or the
quality of the video I will get from it. But you will for sure be able to see mre trying it
out as soon as I get it.
Here's some random shots I taken the past week.

The smallline where verybody have been ripin' lately.

Me and some random swedish dude
Since I live in Frisco I have to take the bus to the hill.
It's about a 10-15 min drive but the bus takes like 50, so im
very happy if I can catch a ride with someone.
This day I found the Wells brothers.

Clarke came up from boulder. he's still in school so he's been driving up and down from boulder to keystone like a mad man

fredag 5. desember 2008

Chatter Creek

Im here in beautiful Chatter Creek, British Columbia on a Helly Hansen product shoot.
We have been skiing and shooting for the last 5 days. the snowconditions is actually better then I expected, the only thing is that the snow that we're skiing on is one of the first snowfalls they had so far this year, that means no real base so it's a bit rockie so there's some limitations of what you can hit or not. But that's fine by me since im not looking for throwing my self off a 60 foot cliff i can stick with the really fun pillowlines and the 20 foot cliffs that I actually want to hit.
It's really fun for a parkrat like me to get the chance to come over here and ski with guys like Eric Pollard, Eric Hjorleifson, Mark Abma Chris Davenport and James Heim who is probably the best pow skiers in the world. I feel kind of out of my element so I just kinda tag along and try to find something fun to do, and that I did. As much as I love riding park I have to say that pow is pretty allright too. I just wish I didn't spend three days traveling from Norway to Canada so I would have had a couple of more days here..
Yeah, comming here I probably had my wirst trip yet.
Here's the story.
I had a little incident on my flight from Oslo to Frankfurt. I did what I always do befor a long journey. I stayed up pretty late the night before so I get really tired and then I can sleep the whole way. I did exactly that, I fell a sleep before the plain took off, but half way down to Frankfurt I woke up and felt really sick an dizzy so I got up in a hurry cause I thought I was going to throw up, then the incident happend. I actually passed out on top of the beverage cart on my way to the bathroom. I never passed out before in my entire life so it was an interresting expierence for me. I got up and felt completely fine, went back to my seat and fell asleep again.
woke up by the wheels landing on the ground of Frankfurt airport.
I get to my gate ready to board my flight to Calgery when some guy pulls me aside and tells me the brutal news. The pilot had talked to the pilot from the other flight and he refused me to get on the flight. After that I had the option of either go to a hotell and fly tomorrow or I could try to get a new flight that day.. Offcourse I want to get the hell out of Frankfurt as fast as possible.
I got a new flight and was waiting for boarding, then the same thing happend. The pilot refused me to go on this flight also. He told me if I wanted to fly today I had to go to the doctor and get him to approve me to be ''fit for flight''. I wish someone would have told me that before I bought a new ticket for a 100 euros.
I went to the doctor, it took him like 5 minutes for him to approve me. He told me that sometimes when you fall asleep sitting up all your blood goes down to your feet, when you wake up you feel dizzy and feel like puking and when you start moveing all that blood rushes to your head so you get an overload and then your on the floor, or in my case on the beverage cart.
so yeah, I got the ''fit for flight'' thing. got on stand by on another flight. waited for 4 hours, didn't make the flight. I was pissed. got a new ticket for the next day and the I went to a hotell.

this meaning that I spent like 10 hours running around Frankfurt airport, all the changing of flights and the check up at the doctor ended up costing me 300 euros. All that just so I could go to a hotell like I should have done 10 hours and 300 euros ago.

That was my trip over here. kinda felt like I had to share that with you.
It sucked but it's a good story.

Right now im saying good bye to chatter creek and Canada and off I go to Keystone, Colorado.
Here's some photo's from chatter.

If you can't bang midair, you can't really bang at all.

New Helly teammate JP Solberg getting down

eating shit

Found this movie of Mr. Hjorleifson on my camera.

not the biggest line, but really fun, and he did it with

a cigar in his mouth witch mad it pretty dope.