fredag 24. april 2009

PK and Piril Invitational

Hey folks!

These last couple of days I´ve been working on putting a contest
together in my Home mountain, Hafjell. The qualification is today,
and the finals is tomorrow. Im not alone putting this contest on,
Piril (Per Iver Grimsrud) isa really good snowboarder, his from
the same town as me, known him all my life, his parents are
actually my godparents. He probably have to get more credit
than me on this contest since I´ve been in the hospital and
re-habing at home the last three weeks. I think it´s gonna
turn out good. the most importing thing is that everybody
has good time.
So everybody that has the time on Saturday at 2 o´clock
should come and watch, and cheer on the guys.
if you don´t have the time, make the time.

We did some test jumping yesterday, or Piril, Arild Tveit and
Steffen Hamre did. Here´s a video of that so you can see the jump.
actually surprised about the jump, it looks good.
since there´s no snow left here I didn´t really expect much either.

Arild Getting ready

Steffen protecting his butt

Jump, not shaped though

Untitled from PK Hunder on Vimeo.
Me getting a ride up

7 kommentarer:

  1. wish I could come, but I live faaar to north:/

  2. Post en video av evente!:)

  3. What kind of t-shirt are you wearing at the picture at the top of your blog?

  4. kjører heisen under konk.?

  5. Hvordan merke er det på t-skjorta du har på toppen på bloggen?

  6. hvordan går det med nakken a?

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