lørdag 15. august 2009

Another B-day

Today I went down to my private hairdresser (my aunt). After my haircut I pretty Much just chilled the rest of the day, now im having some beers with my buddy's. This is the last weekend before everybody goes out living their own lifes, school, work And all the other boring stuff. Tonight happens to be another buddy og mine 25's birthday. So we're gonna link up with him a little later and celebrate him.

I have another link for you today.
The snowboarders are steppin' it up this year for sure!
Check out shaun white throwing back 2 back doubles.
Im looking forward to watching it live at the X-games next year.



3 kommentarer:

  1. UUgh, snowboard, you better not convert PK.. :P
    Nice to see some updates!:))))) Keep it up!

  2. grymt med updates ;)

  3. you should watch the Othersiders on the CN tmr night at 9pm before your summer ends. its pretty awesome.