fredag 27. februar 2009

Home sweet Home

Hey folks!

Just came back home a couple of days ago.
Not really much to say at all, except it feels really good to be home.
Im having a hard time getting over my crazy jet.
im going to Trysil on Sunday to hit Jon´s jump for a couple of days,
that´s my plan for now.
there will be an edit with me and Jossi from Northstar within 5 days.
that´s all I have to say for now. very exiting update.


søndag 22. februar 2009

Dew Cup

Winter Dew Tour 2009 is officially done.
We had finals in slope yesterday and I must say that the level was
the highest I ever seen in a slopestyle comp.
I kinda messed up my run, I came off the second rail forward
instead of switch, meaning that I had to do a right 9 instead
of a cab 7 on the first jump. I am pretty stoked that I got to
do my 12 into a sw 12 before the comp season ended.
allthough the second to last jump was way to small to do a 12
I think I did allright.
I wasen´t to happy about the score I got but it landed me in
6th place and that was just enough to get the overall title.
Im pretty stoked to be the first ever Winter Dew Tour champion.

Tomorrow im going to Denver, staying the night and the next
day head back home to Norway. and I can´t tell you how stoked
i am to get back home. gonna be home for couple of days and
probably head over to Trysil to meet up with Jon and Andreas.

Me and Colby´s trophy table


fredag 20. februar 2009

Dew Tour day 3

Today was Slope qualifiers. Since im in top three overall I was
pre-qualified to the finals witch is nice.
I usually don´t mind qualifying cause I think you get more
Practice, at least more efficient practice. But this time Im glad.
Im not really that sure about the course, I think I have my run
down, but it can be so much better. this course just ain´t my
style. I was watching most of the qualifiers and I was very
impressed with the level. Tom Wallisch had a siiiiiick run,
and I think he won the qual. Big time pipe skier Simon Dumont
layed down a very good run also, it´s safe to say after his
performance today people can stop calling him a pipe skier...
like that´s ever gonna happen. Fellow rail shredder Jossi Wells
Had a very nice run also.

After the qualifiers me and Jossi went up to The park in
Northstar witch is the most fun park I have skied in a
very long time by the way. We went up and shot for our
railedit. Turned out pretty good.

Tomorrow´s finals, im feeling very sore since I almost
broke my neck yesterday. (video Bellow)

Crash from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

It´s pretty stupid to have a bump right before the
rail ends. You should be able to go off a rail a
little early without landing on your neck


onsdag 18. februar 2009

Dew Tour day 1

I just got that photo from retallack.
We spent most of our time in Retallack looking for spots
we found out that burning red trees was hella fun.
I don´t know how many we burned but we burned a lot.
It was quite a sight I tell ya.

So dew tour day 1 is over.
we had slope practice and for the guys doing pipe they
had practice aswell. The course is allright allthough the
jumps are tiny and that kinda sucks.
and since I was hitting the Pipe today it´s probably not
the biggest pipe. It seemed like alot of the pipeskiers
had a hard time adapting to this pipe after the huge
X-games pipe.

just to show you guys the course and the pipe.
Here´s Mike Riddle doing a pipe run and me doing a sloperun.

pipeslope from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

tirsdag 17. februar 2009


I kinda figured out the Imovie but not really at all.
I found out how to put shots together and put music to it.
I do not know how to get slowmo if that even exist on Imovie.
So since Mr. Frankum was so bad at doing follows some of them
are very shaky. I can say that it wasen´t all Chris´s fault,
we didn´t have the right settings on the camera.
The quality sucks cause I had to upload it to youtube first cause
the file wouldn´t upload straight to here.
So here you have a bad edited edit, shaky follow cams and poor
quality of me and Chris Frankum cruising in breck.
but it´s something to watch I guess.

Breck from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Retallack with no snow

Just finished off 2 weeks in Retallack BC.
I was there with MSP shooting for the next movie, like I said we were there for two weeks and it didn´t snow once.
So we weren´t to lucky with the snow, didn´t help that everything had slid after their crazy avalanche season. It was hard to get the shots we wanted since we didn´t have snow, but we tried to make the best out of it.

It was an good experience though. the riders were myself, Colby West and Rory Bushfield. Me and Colby being what you can call backcountry rookies learned alot from a rather experience Rory. All though Rory took every opportunity he got to yell and boss me and Colby around I think in the end he still love us.

Right now Im on my flight to Reno, thought I would write this update now so I don´t forget when I get there.
Im not staying in Reno though, Im on my way to Northstar for the last Dew Tour.
The last and the most important stop. It´s important for me because I think im in first place overall in slopestyle so I really want to do good in this one.
I might be in first, but it´s really tight so anyone can win.

Rory, building a jump.

Getting a lift with the cat

Colby chilling

Colby not chilling with a 10 kg helmet

DAAAAIN capturing some epic shots.

Just got to my hotel in Northstar, just founf out that we don´t have practice tomorrow,
So I don´t know what do to tomorrow.


mandag 2. februar 2009


Im Here in New Denver (middle of nowhere in BC)
Im here on a Pow trip with MSP, we´re gonna shoot in Retallack and since I
know for a fact that it´s Tanner Hall´s favorite place to ski it have to be good.
Not that it really matters to me, cause this is pretty much my first real pow trip,
so Im a little out of my element.

Since X-games I got to ride Breck for a couple of days and
I went to my first hockey game in Denver.
I don´t really like hockey, but it was quit an experience.
like 5 minutes into the game we witnessed a pretty good fight
witch made me really stoked, but the highlight of the game was the dance cam

The Dance cam happens during half time. They just film a lot of random people,
and when the cams on you, you have to dance for like 5 seconds.
It was pretty funny, but when they decided to point the camera at a
security guard/bodyguard it just went off.
He just stood there for like 5 seconds and I thought that there´s no way a
professional bodyguard gonna bust out some moves. Oh boy I was wrong.
He started to move is shoulders a little bit, raised his arm up and just flicked
his shades from his head down over his eyes and just busted out the sickest
dance, and he was on for like 40 seconds. probably one of the funniest things
I´ve seen.

Over to my trip.
I usually book my tickets my self but this time one of the MSP guys did it.
Due to a lot of stress with getting skis and all my stuff that I didn´t have
I hadn´t got a chance to look at my ticket that good.
I went to the airport, gave my passport to my check in lady and she said;
Allright, your going to Spokane Washington. I was really confused cause
I knew that I was trying to get to Canada and I was pretty sure that WA was
in the US. after thinking a while I gave my trust to MSP and checked in,
and I figured that WA was closer to Canada anyways so at least I was on my
way. At the gate I met Colby so I knew I was in the right place,
or both at the wrong place. either way I was relived.

The Canadian border, No trouble. we got thru, Murray (msp filmer)
just had to do some paperwork for his snowmobiles.
turns out he had lost one of his license plate so They wouldn´t
let us in. We drove back thru the American border, had a little brainstorm.
loaded my gear in the other car and we drove thru the Canadian border again
while murray went back to Spokane to try to figure it out, he´s still there.
that´s my trip so far.

To end this update Im gonna say that I have footage from Breck on my mac,
I didn´t get the footage from Keystone and there´s some pretty shaky
followcams cause Chris wasen´t as good at doing follows as he thought.
The only problem is that I have a new version of Imovie that is impossible
to figure out. So if any of you have a link to where I can download Imovie 6
that would be great. I think it´s Imovie 6 i want.
And I have to get better to make more updates cause writing this long ones
is really not that fun.