tirsdag 10. mars 2009


Got back from Trysil a couple of days ago.
haven´t been doing much at home, just chilling.
I lost my Cellphone that´s pretty much what I´ve
done since I got back. It´s been snowing a lot so
haven´t felt for going up to the hill.
But tomorrow the forecast says sun, nothing like shredding
at your home mountain so Im stoked.

I got a surprise for you guys.
I put together a edit from me and Jossi´s day in Northstar.
Colby, Byron and TJ has a couple of shots in there also.

here you go !!!

Untitled from PK Hunder on Vimeo.
Song: Juelz santana - clockwork

10 kommentarer:

  1. fint det siste ; )

  2. only my opinion but horrific song!

  3. rått rått! hilsen øyer

  4. I'm jealous! I want to be able to ski like that!!

  5. reeediculous steeze

  6. PK!!!!! my maaaaaaan....

    Please give us some updates from Laax...

  7. maybe a bit slacking on updates pk!

  8. sweet shreding my boy. i can see from distance that you are 2tally stoked and killing the courzes. nice run in RUMBLE also though. keep it up PK. i wish you good luck in JOSS with team Norway in JOSS too. you are 4 real my favourite jibber jee.