torsdag 27. mai 2010

Le Lahama de condado

Still in Spain! Nothing really to tell since all we do is lay under the sun all day, eat and play cards! We went do the beach one day though, it was ok!

Paps getting a break from the sun.

We gave golf another chance. Sooo much better than the first time, I still sucked but compared to the other day I was playing like a pro! We're on again tomorrow morning at 8.

Nighty night!

søndag 23. mai 2010



Me, my two sisters and both parents went to my parents apartment in spain for my mom's 50th birthday!

We live 200 meters from a golf course so today I took my clubs for the first swing of the year. The golf course is designed by the legend Jack Nicklaus so let's just say it was over decent! Actually I spent more time in the desert and tall grass than I did on the course, but it looked nice.
Before our evening golfing adventure, we spent the day at the pool. I challenged my sister to a taning competition...... Elise's skin: golden brown. PK's skin: RED!!!!! Let's see if the sun is more nice tomorrow!

Good Night:)

torsdag 20. mai 2010


Just walked into Chris Frankums place and found this sanctuary above his fireplace! OMG

A week in Oslo

The week started out with my homegirl Ines moving in party at her new sick apartment!

My buddy Christian's new pikachuuuu one piece!

Me and Rulle! Jamina's way to cute dog....

17. Of May is Norway's national day, so we celebrated on a boat. Good day!!!!

Me and Christian with some bobles!

Im on a boat mutha...... Take a look at me!

That's been my week so far. On saturday im headed for spain to check out my parents apartment down there. It's gonna be so good with some sun, beach and maybe some golfing if my shoulders up to it.


lørdag 15. mai 2010

Half way to a 100

Yesterday we celebrated my moms 50th birthday! Kept it pretty simple, had some of the closest relatives over and ate s bunch of shrimps, it was delicious:) now im on my way to Oslo to meet my "Oslo friends" witch I haven't seen in a long time. Gonna be goooooood!!!!


tirsdag 11. mai 2010


Meet Bacon

He's really ugly but kinda cute

He loves the outdoors

He hates being picked up!!!!!!

fredag 7. mai 2010

Sun sun sun

Taco in the sunshine at kim's place! Amazing weather, wish it was a little warmer though!
Taco is alittle off my new lifestyle/diet but it's friday and i worked out two times today! Kinda proud.

mandag 3. mai 2010

Back to reality

Got back from Hemsedal yesterday. Back to a ordinary life, working out, eating healthy. im sorry to inform that my goldfish is now dead! His name was Per, he was a great goldfish. People gave him two days before he would die with me as an owner, but he proved everyone wrong! While I were celebrating my life as an 21 year old, Per was Home fighting for his life. He lived 4 days under my supervision, that's twice as long that the doubtfull people I call my friends gave him. And for that reason he was the greatest, strongest and bravest goldfish that ever lived. RIP Per, you wil be greatly missed!