søndag 26. september 2010

Semi finals

Yaaaaaaaay! Fourth, that's good enough!
Got into finals, but looking at the other riders it dosen't look good for a podium spot!

Andreas, ambjuuuuul, Henrik and me in the finals!
2 Norwegians, 3 scandos! Pretty good!

Jacob killing it! Blogging all day, Jacobwester.com

Just got back from a signing sesh, an hour to finals!


4 kommentarer:

  1. jippi! so fun that you guys came to the finals! congrats with fourth place=)

  2. sooo stoked to have you back at this level!!! thanx for blogging!!!
    best of luck for the coming season!!! we will follow you closely!!!
    welcome back!!!

  3. saw your bad fall from finals - really reminded me of your JOI-Crash. I really hope that your neck is alright dude...

  4. I got a little afraid when I saw you fall, but it was kind of funny! hope everything is alright with the neck and all. and thanks for the blogging! keep it up!