mandag 3. mai 2010

Back to reality

Got back from Hemsedal yesterday. Back to a ordinary life, working out, eating healthy. im sorry to inform that my goldfish is now dead! His name was Per, he was a great goldfish. People gave him two days before he would die with me as an owner, but he proved everyone wrong! While I were celebrating my life as an 21 year old, Per was Home fighting for his life. He lived 4 days under my supervision, that's twice as long that the doubtfull people I call my friends gave him. And for that reason he was the greatest, strongest and bravest goldfish that ever lived. RIP Per, you wil be greatly missed!


5 kommentarer:

  1. You seriously managed to keep the goldfish alive for amazingly four days? To be honest I am quite amazed!

    Good to see you bloging again, keep it coming!

  2. awww poor goldfish :c were u sad when he died? hehehe

    i want to see more of you!
    blog more :D

    and im a follower on twitter, you amaze me pk :)


  3. I think Marielle is stalking you PK, better watch out!

  4. Hey!

    Well maybe i am, but im a fan..

    ur lucky u are anonym because ur a stalker to hahaha