torsdag 7. april 2011


This picthure pretty much sums up the last four days. We have a sick feature buildt for us on top of the mountain, with a breathtaking backdrop. If you seen any of the latest Field movies you probably remember the shot's from Stranda! The only problem is the weather, it's been snowing/raining and on top of that it's wiiiindy. The forecast looks terrible for tomorrow but saturday and maybe Sunday looks good.

We got here one day earlier than everbody else so myself, Russ and Laura decided to treat ourself to a nice sushi dinner. Turns out, sushi is kinda hard to make. One thing is that it didn't look good, but it tasted worse!

That's about it for Stranda so far, tomorrow we're building a backflip kicker and we'll try to make Filip do one. Should be good!


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