mandag 4. april 2011

Mega Park day 3

Little edit from yesterday. Russ has most of the shot´s since Laura decided not to film me all day. thanks. At the end you can see my first try on a dub 9, didn´t really work out as i thought. I did my first ever true dub though. We were joking around and called it the Wombat flip eventhough it's just a fliped dub 10 and someone probably has done it before. Dosen't really matter cause it's the most sketchy thing I've ever done and hopefully I will never do it again!

We were avliving on the top jump yesterday evening. We just finished shaping the jump when my binding got ripped off on a butter 3! Had to sit that one out....


2 kommentarer:

  1. wombat flip was sick!

  2. 02:52
    Yup, someone has done it. haha, nice name though!