onsdag 23. mars 2011

Season, part ||

Russ, laura, Alex, Ole and Lasse (behind the camera) Made a sweet taco/burito dinner right before we went to the movies. FYI. We watched "I am nr 4". Sick movie, at least I thought so.

Last week I was in Tignes, France for Euro X. I took it easy since it was only 3 and a half week after my knee surgery. The Weather was not cooparating, so we got little to no practice on the jumps. I ended up in 12th place. Im completely fine with that. It's kinda weird for me to say that, but I didn't go down there to win, I just wanted to ski and meet all the guys again. So it's all good, and I landed my first X-games run ever:) it only took me 5 tries.

My season is devided into 2 parts. The first part is comps comps comps. The second part is shoothing, witch can be hectic but you can do things in your own tempo. That's exactly what I need right now.

That was a little update of my life. Now we are all hanging out at my place, hopefully the wind that's been destroying our skiing settles down.


2 kommentarer:

  1. I would love to eat dinner with you


  2. You gotta take a camera and film your house son. So we get to see your new house..