lørdag 12. mars 2011

Doctor was right

There's something about waking up early to a perfect bluebird day and driving to the hill that I really love. This is me, Lasse and Gabs doing just that!

Today, or i guess yesterday here in Norway. It's exactly 3 weeks and one day since my operation and I was able to ski pretty hard today. I was afraid landing forward and backseat would be a problem but turns out it isn't. I feel something sometimes, not pain, just a feeling in my knee that reminds me that im hurt. This is enough for me to put the breaks on and not ski 100%.
After a little early morning shred tomorrow I hop on a plane to Tignes tomorrow for Euro X. Im gonna ski, but since my knee is.... Whatever it is, and I don't really have the big tricks diealed right now. Im Going down there just to have fun and put together a chill run. Hopefully the first run I land at the X-games! This will be my fourth X-games apearance and im yet to land a run!!!!!

Remember this guy? Espen Linnerud is back in biz. Look out for his banger comeback part in the new fieldprod movie dropping this fall. Going to be sick!!!


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