torsdag 25. mars 2010

One armed bandit

Yesterday at the candy railjam I came of a rail a little wrong and ended up straight on my face. I also banged my shoulder pretty bad. I could lift and move it pretty good right afterward, but when I was trying to take my sweater off I heard a loud snap, and it hurt pretty bad for like 30 seconds.

I went to the doctor and he didn't think anything was broken or anything. We scheduled for a x-ray early this morning, I managed to drag myself out of bed, get in the car, drive about 50 meters in the new snow and then I got stuck. Turned off the engine and went straigt back to bed. So I have to try to get an x-ray tomorrow instead.

Anders Backe and the winner of the railjam, Aleks Aurdal. On their mac, I would guess blogging!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Well well, good luck with the x-ray!

  2. keep my fingers crossed for you, guy...