tirsdag 2. mars 2010

How we do at the Håtveit

After a quik stop by the Red Bull office I got in the car energized and ready for the drive up to the Håtveit's. After 5 hours on a narrow road in the middle of the woods, it suddenly opens up and I could see some lights in the distance, the lights got brighter for every meter. When I got close enough I see a inrun between to big towers going into a huge jump, beside the jump is a sick rail line. All of this was in the middle of a small town of condos. It looked F'ing sick. The jump wasen't completely shaped so we just sessioned the railline for a couple of hours. My railgame was a little rusty but a couple of days on that line I think I'll be allright!

The Håtveits has a pretty nice set up going on here, not only the private park in the backyard. They have a hotel and a bunch of really cozy condo's. They hooked me up with this condo where I live by my self. It's good to have a little space to relax after a hard day at the hill. So thanks Håtveit's, really apreciate it!!!

Fireplace by the tv.. Cozzzzy!!!


Where the all the action happens!

Hot tub, where the action also happen'

Did'nt get any photos from the set up since I was to Busy skiing, but check back for some pics these NeXT couple of days..

Good night!

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  1. Such a sick post!

  2. oh_marielle@hotmail.com11. mars 2010 kl. 12:20

    Ahhh nice cabin,

    Would be nice to be in the tub with you :)

    hehe xD