tirsdag 3. mai 2011

Back at it!

I have to stop doing this but It just happens and I don´t know why. But I´ll start blogging again now.

This pretty much sums up the trip in Åre. It seemed like the champagne never ended, and when I think about it. It never did!

We stayed one more day after the comp ended, cause easter made it impossible to get flights and train tickets. What to do in Åre on a sunday.... Afterski, heli ride up to the top of the mountain, Chinese downhill with Snowblades, party.

Me, Ted and Russ.... heli blading!

case of beer in the Heli.

Me, Elias, Russ, Jon, Jens and Ted on top of the mountain, minutes before Red Bull Homerun went off. Talking about how we should do the race, we decided Just to have fun and go over the finish line together. As soon as we hear the gunshot It was every man for him self and first man down. It was the most sketchy thing I´ve ever done, I fellt like one of those guys running with the bulls in the street. Obviously with snowblades u don´t have as much controll as u have on regular skis and with 400 ´´bulls´´behind u I was terrified. I ended up on 108th place Witch im really happy with, actually im just happy to be alive. All and all a really fun week in Åre, and im allready looking forward to next year.


10 kommentarer:

  1. good to see you had fun and
    Ha thank god your drinking dutch beer!

    nederland ftw!

    x marielle

  2. ur blog is like menstruation :) comes up once every month ;) no biggie...fun to read something sometimes!
    pz luc

  3. Haha good thing you were going to blogg again
    Loool ur such a loser cant even do one blogg a week !!

  4. One blogg a month you mean loooool

    You see that The riders do not have the same dedication to their sport
    Guys like Jon or Jacob are always blogging and working REAL hard hile orvets dont give a f...... That différence wil show with the lenght of their career.
    Its realy a shame. .....

  5. Almost 5months since you blogged and that topic said Im going start blogging again .. this topic lol

  6. Almost a year ago ..

  7. And now it is a year ago.

    Excellent blog!

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  9. hei pk du er drit god på twintip. jeg trener også på twintip kan noen triks men ikke like bra som deg. Hilsen Alv sigurd 9 år håper du ser meldingen.