søndag 20. februar 2011

surgery - success

Still kicking everybodys ass in ping pong. even on crutches!

I had surgery two days ago. I decided to take care of my MCL now, eventhough I could ski, jump and do tricks I couldn´t ski 100% and what´s the point of that?
The surgery went really well. First of all I haven´t done any painkillers since the operation, no pain at all. Only two days after the surgery Im walking fine without my crutches.
The Doctor said I could ski after two weeks, of course when he says ski he dosen´t mean going off a 20 meter long jump doing all kind of spins and flips. But im posetive this won´t take a lot of time, im aiming for Euro X witch is a little under a month away. Sounds a little to good to be true, but let´s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Tomorrow im going to Oslo for an exciting meeting. Can´t tell u more at this point, but im excited.


9 kommentarer:

  1. bummed for you man!! was hoping this would be the year you came back full on!!!
    grate to see you update again!
    hope you will make it for the euro x
    or at least joi + hoping you will put together a segment with field or msp!!!
    plz update more!!!
    and plz give away what the deal with the meeting in oslo was!!!
    wish you a speedy recovery!!!

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  3. Vi krysser fingrene for deg! ble bedre og fortsett og blogg!

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