fredag 18. juni 2010

Miktape summer collection

Yesterday I went to the Mikstape summer collection release party. Mikstape is a clothing brand that a couple of my buddies started up. You can go to to check out their super fresh summerline! They only sell their clothes thru the website but they have a pop-up store at Tjuvholmen alle' 5. This is a good chance to go try the clothes on and buy some fresh tee's and hoodies! You should deffinately check it out. They have open saturday and Sunday only!!!

Me and the Mikstape brothers Gus and Nico Gyllenhammer!

YouTube Video
Arnfinn baar killing the dance circle!!

So if you have the chance to go to the store you should, if not you have to check their website out!


3 kommentarer:

  1. That guy is a awesome dancer. like the part from 0:07 to 11 seconds is awesome

    I really like the clothing.. i want to buy it :C

    but.. im so poor xD

  2. The dancing..... ridicoulous


    Try this blog instead PK, it's super good!